At 56, Pamela Anderson Reveals the ‘Ultimate Goal’ of Aging in Stunning Pics

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Pamela Anderson Shares the ‘Goal’ of AgingGareth Cattermole - Getty Images
  • Pamela Anderson went makeup-free once again in a set of Instagram photos.

  • The 56-year-old opened up about growing “old” and the “goal” of aging.

  • Fans were inspired by her heartfelt message.

It’s been well over a year since Pamela Anderson went makeup-free at Paris Fashion Week but the star is still riding the natural beauty wave. The 56-year-old also ditched the cosmetics last December at the Fashion Awards and has been consistently going bare-faced since. More recently, Anderson posted a set of black and white photos showing her makeup-free skin on Instagram and took the opportunity to open up about aging.

The actress penned a beautiful poem about the meaning of life and getting older in the caption. “Life humbles you. As you grow old…you stop chasing the big things and start valuing the little things…alone time, enough sleep, a good diet, long walks, and quality time with loved ones,” she wrote in the caption. “Simplicity becomes the ultimate goal...✨🤍.”

Fans were inspired by her beautiful words. “At almost 51 I’ve finally realized these are the things that matter. ♥️🙏🏻” one follower wrote. “Beautiful words from a beautiful soul 🙌🏼✨,” another added.

Following a red carpet appearance sans makeup in December, Anderson shared her makeup-free beauty routine with fans via her Substack newsletter called “The Open Journal.”

“My beauty ‘routine’ is pretty simple these days,” she wrote. Anderson explained that she “weeded out” all the lotions and potions that she now finds “too complicated,” and is no longer “hovering over the sink with multiple steps,” she added.

Instead, Anderson opts to use just a few simple products that keep her skin hydrated. She wrote in the newsletter that she uses a “rose hydration spray” which she keeps in the fridge, “a lip balm” that she keeps in her bag and applies “all day long, especially in the winter,” and a homemade rose hip face oil that she uses either “before makeup or just ‘as my makeup,’” she explained.

At 56, Anderson’s decisions surrounding makeup and beauty go hand-in-hand with aging in the public eye. “Anti-aging is a lie,” she recently told Glamour, adding that “we’re getting older no matter what.” As the star ages, she says she is “embracing the funny things that are happening to me. If it’s losing elasticity or some freckles are starting to join together, I have to be amused by it. Otherwise, it’s bad,” she explained.

She continued: “It’s good to have a sense of self and to be able to be your own best friend.”

Anderson has long been open about her decision to go makeup-free, saying that it mostly boils down to that sense of self and desire for self-acceptance. In an Instagram post from last February, she posed in a barely-there dress and no makeup to discuss getting older. “At a certain age we just look younger and fresher without makeup,” she wrote. “This is me—I’m happy with who I am right now.”

We applaud Anderson for her vulnerability in sharing this journey of self-acceptance with her fans, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the star.

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