The 6 to 1 Grocery Shopping Method Might Save You a Lot of Money

Plus, it can get you in and out of the store in a flash!

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Inflation has caused grocery prices to soar, making shopping stressful (on your mind and wallet). Everyone is looking for a way to save on everyday grocery items.

After spending too much money on groceries while entertaining, New York City-based chef and social media creator Will Coleman came up with a technique to help save some cash on his grocery runs. Meet the 6 to 1 grocery shopping method, Coleman’s shopping trick that went viral on TikTok.

Here’s how it works: You shop for six veggies, five fruits, four proteins, three starches, two sauces or spreads, and one fun thing. The veggies and fruits can be fresh, frozen, canned or anything in between. And as for the one fun item, that can also be to your liking, such as a sweet treat or a favorite snack to help boost your mood and bring you joy.

This method works well because it offers a specific structure to follow, so you aren’t shopping around aimlessly. You get what you need and aren’t paying for items you don’t.

It can also makes weekday meal planning easy, since you already have all the items you need to put something together, but you also have options, so you don't feel restricted.

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How To Incorporate This Method in Your Grocery Shopping Routine

While the 6 to 1 method is structured, that doesn’t mean it can’t be modified to fit your individual needs. Go on your shopping run with a checklist of what you want to buy so you’re not overwhelmed once you get there. You can always change your mind once you’re at the store, but when you come in with a plan, it can make shopping easier so you aren’t there longer than necessary.

Stay within your budget, too. The point of this shopping method is to help save money, so have it work to your benefit by buying the items that fit within your finances, including any sale items. It also doesn’t matter where you shop. You can reap the benefits of this shopping method in just about any grocery store.

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