Olympic Games - 60 seconds with Helen Glover

Britain's Olympic gold medal-winning rower Helen Glover gave us 60 seconds of her time to tell us how her Wikipedia page was filled with erroneous facts by friends and about her addiction to Creme Eggs.

Rowing - Glover and Swann claim gold at Worlds

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Britain's Helen Glover after winning gold in the women's pairs

Who was your sporting hero?

Definitely Hailie Gebrselassie. He’s a truly inspirational guy who has done amazing things on and off the track.

What is your favourite film?

Napoleon Dynamite

Which actress should play you if a film were made of yourself?

I would be so surprised that they were making a film about me I probably wouldn’t care! Maybe Jennifer Aniston

If you could throw a dinner party for any three people, dead or alive, who would they be? 

Jesse Owens, my Grandma and Stephen Fry

And would you be doing the cooking? If so, what would you serve up?

My speciality is sausage and mash, although it’s not much of a dinner party food so I would probably take a trip to the local takeaway

What would you be drinking?

I don’t drink alcohol at all (which is pretty boring, and definitely a big change since leaving uni!) so it would be a coke for me

If you had not been a rower, what would you have been?

When I was first invited to train with the Great Britain team I was working as a PE teacher so, if it wasn’t for rowing, I would probably still be doing that

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What is the strangest thing that has ever been said or written about you?

My friends edited my Wikipedia page with some interesting and entirely false stories about me. I only realised when reporters started asking me strange questions about my background! 

What is the greatest song ever recorded?

Proud, by Heather Small. Our GB rowing choir sung it at our one and only concert. It was great!

What do you currently have on your iPod?

Quite a mix. I listen to my iPod on the rowing machine, which we are on for about an hour and a half at a time so I try and keep my music collection up to date 

Do you have any superstitions before or after a race, and/or what is your strangest habit?

I try not to be too superstitious, but I do have a habit of getting pumped up at the start line and slapping my arms and legs, which seems really loud when everyone is silent waiting to race

What is your favourite TV programme - your guilty pleasure...?

Probably the only way is Essex! Typical no-thinking TV to switch off with after training

What is the nicest place you've ever visited?

I have rowed in some really amazing places. Lake Bled in Slovenia and Lake Karapiro in New Zealand are two that really stand out

Who was the greatest competitor you ever faced?

It is really hard to pick a single person out. Our event (the women’s pair) is incredibly strong and a lot of the crews we race are fantastic competitors

Which of your fellow rowers would you have the best night out with?

Definitely my pairs partner Heather Stanning. Rowers know how to have a good party as we have a lot of Saturday nights in to make up for!

What is the food and/or drink that your coach has to stop you from eating/drinking?

In the winter months in rowing we do such a high volume of training that I can get away with eating almost anything. That said, I am not afraid to admit that I do have a bit of a problem when it comes to Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. The fact that they don’t seem to be available all year makes me feel I have got to really make the most of them whilst they are around!

How do you celebrate when you win a race?

Obviously in rowing the boat and extreme fatigue on crossing the line mean we cannot really perform any kind of elaborate back-flipping goal celebration routine! Most of the time after race wins for us its a case of enjoying the moment, doing a bit of analysis and making sure we recover really well so we are in the best shape possible to prepare for the next competition. Definitely a hug for Heather as, with just the two of us in the boat, we can enjoy it together

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