60 seconds with NFL star Steven Jackson

The new NFL season starts tonight so we spent 60 seconds with St Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson.


Who was you sporting hero when you were a child?

There were a number of sports stars that I looked up to but if I had to pick one it would be (former Chicago Bears running-back) Walter Payton. There is two reasons why I’d pick him: one for the way that he played the game, and two because of what he stood for off the field. (Payton died aged just 45 of a rare liver disease and spent the final months of his life as an advocate for organ transplants)

If you didn’t play American football, what sport would you have taken up?

Basketball as I follow the sport closely.

Who is your favourite basketball team?

I’m a big fan of the LA Lakers – I’m very excited for next season because they have signed Steve Nash who I have been a fan of for quite some time.

If you were not a sport star what might you have done?

Definitely architecture, I studied that in school and I have a deep rooted passion for design and buildings.

Who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?

Honestly there is not one person that comes to mind.

You’re too nice! If the St Louis Rams went out for a karaoke night, what song would you sing?

Well, as the Rams are playing in London this year, I’m feeling very British at the moment, so I think I would pick something from Adele.

Adele? You must have quite a voice if you’re confident singing one of her songs?

I never said it would be good!

What is your most annoying habit?

I would say I’m too much of a perfectionist. I have to do things over and over until I get it just right.

You are from Las Vegas. What’s the big difference between people that live there and people who visit there?

Well most people who come to Las Vegas tend to party themselves out, but us Las Vegans know how to pace ourselves.

Where should people playing NFL Fantasy Football draft you this season?

Whenever people ask me where they should draft me in fantasy football, I say don’t! But if I had a fantasy football team I’d draft myself first.

The St Louis Rams take on the New England Patriots at Wembley Stadium on Sunday October 28.

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