At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates ‘Low-Impact’ Burpee to Stay ‘Fit Over 50’

At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates ‘Low-Impact’ Burpee to Stay ‘Fit Over 50’
  • Denise Austin, 67, shared a “low-impact” burpee to help followers stay “fit over 50.”

  • The exercise is “a lot easier on the body” than its traditional version, she said.

  • Keep reading to learn how to do it.

Whether your legs have been around the block a few times or a few decades, burpees are rarely enjoyable. Although they can get your heart rate up fast, their jump-squat nature makes them high-impact—potentially wreaking havoc on your joints, particularly the knees and ankles. That’s why Denise Austin developed a “low-impact” burpee that still gets some cardio and strength training in, but slows things way down to make it a low-impact move.

The fitness instructor, 67, shared how to try it at home in a new Instagram video. “It’s a lot easier on the body,” she began. Instead of jumping, she opts to, from a standing position, walk her hands out into a plank. After holding that briefly, she brings her feet, one by one, into a squat, and pushes herself up to stand, completing the move with an elongated reach above her head.

From there, it’s back to plank position, and repeat.

“If you are intimidated by a traditional burpee, give this Fit Over 50 one a try!!” she captioned the post. “It’s easy on the joints so anyone can do it! You will work all of the same muscles as a traditional burpee but with a much more low-impact move. Try to do 10 with me today—you GOT this!!”

Fans and followers thanked Austin for the fitness wisdom. “You make me want to move!!!” one person commented. “Love this for back pain,” another added. “Thank you for this. You always have the best tips! 😊” someone else wrote.

If you like Austin’s low-impact approach to movement, there’s a ton more where that came from. She shares fitness content often and has everything from a five-minute workout for heart health to stretches that relieve back pain. And if you wonder how she keeps her energy up, she assured fans in one video that staying motivated to move can be hard for her, too—but it’s always worth it.

“A little bit of exercise is always better than no exercise!” she said in the post. “After the first five minutes, you start to feel good. Always, the first few minutes is hard to start for anyone, even myself.”

In other words, you just have to start! And her advice makes it that much easier.

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