76ers' Ben Simmons just keeps on growing

There is a difference of opinion between two prominent Las Vegas books about who is the favorite to be awarded NBA Rookie of the Year.

Philadelphia 76ers fans finally got a little bit of a taste of winning this year as they got Joel Embiid on the court and the team improved from 10 wins last season to 28 so far this season, but it’s possible they could make even more improvements next year.

Aside from the obvious second year of Embiid on the court the 76ers hope to add Ben Simmons, the No. 1 overall pick in last year's NBA Draft, tothe lineup after the 6-10 shooting forward missed the entirety of the 2016-17 season with an injury.

The Sixers could be getting aneven bigger Simmons when he eventually steps on the court. Simmons, who will turn 21 in July, apparently has kept growing since he was drafted by the 76ers and allegedly is now standing at nearly 7 feet.

"It seems like Ben Simmons grew about another two inches since he’s been here," Philadelphia radio host Jon Johnson said. "I told him that the other day, I said, ‘Ben, you look like you’ve grown another two inches since you’ve been here.’ His arms are long, he’s lean, he’s in shape."

Johnson certainly thinks he could keep growing as he stands reportedly now over 6-11.

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