9-1-1 Duo Previews How Buck and Eddie Will ‘Lean on Each Other’ in Season 7 — Plus, Which ‘Ship Is Sunk?

Evan Buckley and Eddie Diaz were on top of the world when 9-1-1 wrapped its sixth season on Fox, both embarking on exciting new relationships with women that seemed perfect for them. But one of those firefighters could find himself considerably less lucky in love when the procedural returns on Thursday, this time on ABC (8/7c).

Let’s start with the not-so-good news: “The Buck and Natalia situation is addressed pretty early in the first episode back,” Oliver Stark (aka Buck) tells TVLine. “We learn a little bit about the things that have gone down since we last saw them, and whether [their relationship] will be continuing moving forward.”

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Meanwhile, Eddie is still all systems go in his new relationship with Marisol, which actor Ryan Guzman knows is no small feat. “Introducing a character like Marisol into an established cast is difficult,” he says. “The audience loves the cast already, and they don’t really want to see change, but [showrunner Tim Minear] has done an incredible job introducing Marisol.”

Regardless of how their respective romances play out, Eddie and Buck are “really leaning on each other” this season when it comes to Eddie’s son Christopher, who’s now old enough to experience girl trouble of his own.

“Looking back at his dating history, Eddie doesn’t know if he can offer much advice to Christopher, so he’s going to be doing some outsourcing — and the closest person he can think of is Buck,” Guzman teases. “It’s kind of a reach, since Buck’s past hasn’t been that great either, so it’s a little like the blind leading the blind. Hen would be the smart choice, but Eddie doesn’t always make the smart choice.”

Stark would beg to differ, calling Buck a “really nice bridge between Eddie and Christopher. He can have these honest talks that are sometimes difficult to have with your real father. So Buck is perfectly positioned to be there and to offer some advice. … Eddie can’t be good cop and bad cop, so Buck has to take on the good cop role because he’s more fun. He’s the nice one.”

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