How to make a $9 Trader Joe’s bouquet look like it was styled by a professional florist

A lifestyle influencer is earning praise after demonstrating how anyone can create high-end-looking floral arrangements using inexpensive store-bought flowers.

“This is how you’re gonna make $9 roses from Trader Joe’s look super luxurious,” said Ashley Paige (@ashley.paiige) in a recent TikTok, which now has over 1.5 million views.

Trader Joe’s has long been known for selling affordable yet high-quality flowers, making them great budget-friendly options for special occasions. Some couples have even made DIY centerpieces from store-bought stems instead of hiring a wedding florist. And now, Paige is showing the world how simple it can be.

To start, Paige suggests removing any leaves or greenery from the flower stem that might be hanging off. This will help your arrangement look “cleaner,” says Paige, and it will also help the flowers last longer.

Next, cut the stems at an angle with scissors to help the flower absorb more water.

Then, hold the flower upside down and roll the stem back and forth between the palms of your hands. This forces the petals to relax so the flower can open.

“Next, we’re going to gently re-flex the rose,” Paige explains as she touches each petal. “I actually learned this from the florist that my boyfriend buys flowers from and you just use your hands really carefully and you go slowly around the rose.”

This step serves two purposes: For one thing, an open rose makes a bouquet look much prettier; for another, it creates the illusion that you have more flowers than you do.

When it comes to actually arranging the flowers, Paige says she doesn’t get too “fancy” and uses a standard bowl-shaped vase. But she’s always sure to employ the Scotch tape method, which involves making a grid over the vase opening so the flowers stay in place.

Next, Paige fills the vase with water, tosses in a little flower food and adds her secret ingredient: A few teaspoons of bleach.

According to Walden Floralla, adding small amounts of bleach to flower water helps kill harmful bacteria, extending the flower’s life. Paige says this key step makes a typical bouquet last “about a month or so” instead of dying in a few days.

She also finds that adding in a variety of flower types — like calla lilies and ranunculus — can noticeably “elevate” the look of an arrangement.

So far, TikTok seems to agree with her.

In addition to getting over 1.5 million views, Paige’s video has received hundreds of comments from people who can’t wait to try her tips for themselves.

“okay I feel like I found a new hobby,” wrote @dietcokewlemon.

“wowww doing this this weekend,” added @diannacohen.

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