Abbott after bigger crowds

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Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

Carlisle manager Greg Abbott says bigger crowds at Brunton Park next season could make all the difference to the club's play-off challenge.

The Cumbrians fell just short in pursuit of a top-six finish, going into the final day with their hopes alive before closing the campaign four-points adrift of sixth-placed Stevenage.

"The simple fact of the matter is that if the gates go up by 1,000 every week then some of that money will come my way to help to add to the squad," Abbott told the club's official website.

"If we get a response like that in August, and we sustain it all the way through to January, then we can go into the New Year transfer market with a slightly stronger hand.

"If crowds stay where they are, as they have for the third season in a row, then we know what we will have to deal with.

"As I say, that's all fine. We'll always ask for more, but we understand the difficulties and we will always be grateful for the fantastic support we get home and away at this football club."

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