The Absolutely Wild Ending of 'Damsel' Was a Slay for Millie Bobby Brown's Princess Elodie

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'Damsel's Absolutely Wild Ending, ExplainedNetflix

You smashed that play button to see Millie Bobby Brown slay a dragon, but what actually happened at the end of Damsel? The Netflix fantasy adventure had twists up its sleeve.

The premise of the story itself is simple, with some fantasy mumbo jumbo sprinkled in to make it Game of Thrones-lite: Princess Elodie (Millie, of course) agrees to an arranged marriage to Prince Henry on the island Aurea to save her kingdom from starvation. But when she gets to Aurea, she discovers the royal family she's marrying into has another fate in mind for her. They sacrifice her to a dragon in a cave who (according to them) will only let them share the island if they spill blood.

Elodie fights to survive in the caves. She finds that the previous girls left maps and helpful information before they died. But then, once she finally does escape the dragon's lair, she discovers that her younger sister Floria has been plucked by the evil royal family to replace her. (By the way, the dragon also killed her father, who was leading a rescue party!) Back Elodie goes, this time with a better idea of how to fight her way out. She knows where to find armor and slug goo with magical healing properties. She knows how to tie knots. She cuts off her long, cumbersome hair and builds a trap.

And lucky for Floria, the dragon is still hell-bent on killing Elodie and keeps her alive as bait. Little sisters always have it so easy! Now that we've painted a picture, here's how the Damsel story ended.

But first: There are obviously spoilers for Damsel's ending ahead! Steer clear if you want to remain spoiler-free.

Another dark secret is exposed...

While in the caves, Elodie learned that the first king killed the dragon's three babies. To keep the dragon from burning down the kingdom in retaliation, the royal family promised that every subsequent king would sacrifice three daughters. This means the story Queen Isabelle told Elodie about the dragon terrorizing the land until they gave over their daughters was not entirely accurate.

The royal family, not wanting to sacrifice their own kids, invented a loophole. By finding girls to marry into the family, slicing the bride and groom's hands open with a knife, and forcing them to clasp their bloody hands together, they realized they could fool the dragon into thinking any old girl was the daughter of the king.

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And Elodie and the dragon meet once again

No! Elodie gets a few good licks in. She even tricks the dragon into burning herself by daring her to do it, then jumping out of the way so the fire breath hits a wall and bounces back instead. In the dragon's weakened state, Elodie is finally able to explain how the royal family of Aurea tricked the dragon into believing that she was killing their bloodline. The dragon has not been killing the daughters of Aurea after all–just innocent girls who have been lied to as well. Then Elodie heals both herself and the dragon using the magical slug goo.

There has to be some slay-age though, right?

Absolutely. Elodie rides the dragon to Prince Henry's castle, where he is in the middle of marrying yet another sacrificial young girl. Bruised, burnt, and bloody, Elodie makes a harrowing entrance. After exposing the royal family and allowing time for the latest bride-to-be to escape, the dragon burns down the castle with Prince Henry and Queen Isabelle inside.

damsel millie bobby brown as elodie in damsel cr netflix

Then Elodie, her sister Floria, and her stepmother just go home! They board a boat with enough supplies to get them through the next two winters and get the heck out of there. The dragon joins them too... guess Elodie got over the whole dragon-killed-her-dad thing.


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