I accidentally bred one of the rarest Palworld pals, but they have the most ridiculous stats

 Palworld - a player kneels, peting a Kitsun with a flaming blue mane.
Palworld - a player kneels, peting a Kitsun with a flaming blue mane.

Please say hello to my new favorite pal, who I've named Cake Boss Kitsun. This rare elemental fox has the dubious honor of being the most specialized pal, a total accident of great genetics and bad luck from my very first specially bred pal egg. Even though he's tragically specialized, I did find a way easier breeding combo for this rare pal than the advice I've seen circulated so far.

After about a week playing, I finally tried my hand at Palworld breeding. The process is a bit time consuming, so I tried to stack the genetic deck as best as I could for my very first egg. After rifling through my Palbox for likely candidates, I decided to breed my lucky Gumoss with my alpha Sweepa, hoping to combine the work-boosting buff all Lucky Pals have with my Sweepa's 50% work speed boost Artisan trait. With any luck this would be one big, hard-working pal perfect to pitch in around the base.

Palworld - A Sweepa and Gumoss together in a breeding pen
Palworld - A Sweepa and Gumoss together in a breeding pen

After providing the prospective parents with their cake—the food needed for breeding—I stood by waiting for an egg. Somehow, the grass/ground type Gumoss and ice type Sweepa managed to lay an egg that was fire type, of all things. This was my first sign that my uninformed foray into breeding might go sideways.

Not to be discouraged, I put my large scorching egg in an incubator, eager to hatch my first designer child. And somehow, my two giant blob parents combined into a beautiful blue flame-maned fox called a Kitsun. And, much to my delight, they both passed on those high value traits I'd been hoping for. More than that, my new level 1 Kitsun had yet another passive skill that gave it a +30% to work speed.

This beautiful baby has an overall 95% buff to work speed—a prodigy of productivity and an even more perfect base-working pal than I could have hoped for. Until I realized that Kitsun has exactly one ability: kindling.

This is one of the 12 possible work suitabilities pals can have, though most types of pals have between two and four possible suitabilities that let them do a variety of tasks around the base. Not Kitsun. They do one thing only: light fires.

Palworld - A Kitsun stats page showing its passive skills
Palworld - A Kitsun stats page showing its passive skills

At first I thought my hopes for a great pal were ruined, but then remembered I'd just discovered that the prerequisite for breeding, baking a cake, takes a hell of a long time. Completing a single cake meant standing at my cooking pot holding the F key for somewhere between 10 minutes and one year. I lost count. I truly couldn't see the progress bar moving unless I squinted. To make things more torturous, my kindling-skilled Pals had a habit of wandering away to do other tasks like lighting torches instead of cooking, meaning I couldn't trust them to bake cakes unattended. Even when I could convince my Foxparks to help out, baking was taking an age.

This is the true calling of my Kitsun, I realized. He and his +95% speed assistance in the kitchen, plus the automatic level 2 kindling, meant that baking cakes for future breeding experiments was a breeze. What was previously a purgatory of holding my F key alone in the base became a much more tolerable four-minute affair. Thus he was dubbed Cake Boss Kitsun, the Pal with just one job.

In truth, Kitsun is also great at smelting ores. Look at him go.

But I've got so many other pals that can smelt ingots (albeit, not as quickly) and exactly zero who are willing to assist in the kitchen. Kitsun has saved my bacon—and also my cakes.

Finding Kitsun in the wild is actually pretty rare. They're concentrated in an icy biome in the northeast of the map that you're not likely to travel to for dozens of hours. So I think I've stumbled into a pretty hefty shortcut to acquiring one, and way easier than the combos I've seen so far. You can snag a Gumoss all over the forested starter zones—or the level 11 alpha Gumoss on Sea Breeze Archipelago—and catch the level 11 alpha Sweepa from the Small Cove island without ever going near those high-level snowy areas.

You should probably try to breed yourself a Kitsun with cooler stats geared for battling and adventuring. But hey, maybe you too need a cake boss for your kitchen.