The acclaimed 2014 horror movie It Follows is getting a sequel from the original director, and it's "coming soon"

 It Follows.
It Follows.

The acclaimed 2014 horror movie It Follows, often considered one of the best horror movies of the modern era, is getting a sequel at long last.

Independent film company Neon; which owns the distribution rights to a number of high-profile horror movies including Parasite, Bad Hair, and Palm Springs; announced the sequel, titled They Follow. The tagline reads ominously: "It's everywhere."

It Follows director David Robert Mitchell, who more recently helmed the 2018 black comedy flick Under the Silver Lake, is returning to direct the sequel.

The first movie, ahem, follows a young woman named Annie Marshall, who is cursed after a sexual encounter and is then relentlessly stalked by an evil entity taking the form of various human beings. It was praised for its shocking opening sequence, consistent pacing, novel exploration of sex as a theme, and ultimately, being scary as all hell. Read our It Follows review from back in 2015 to see why it's remained a contemporary horror classic to this day.

The fact that Mitchell is returning, and in the director's chair once again, no less, should reassure sequel-wary fans that the follow-up could be an even more terrifying movie.

There's no trailer, synopsis, or casting details about They Follow just yet, but it's safe to infer from the title that there's more than just one entity now, which is horrifying indeed. It shouldn't be long before we learn more, as the announcement states the sequel is "coming soon."

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