Aces fall short to Memorial

Feb. 11—Luke Beickman poured in a game-best 31 points but the Owensboro Catholic High School boys' basketball team couldn't overcome Evansville Memorial in a 63-61 loss Saturday night at the Sportscenter.

The Aces slipped to 16-7 overall, but it wasn't a disheartening loss, according to head coach Tim Riley.

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kAmq6:4—2? 5C6H 2 7@F= H:E9 g]' D64@?5D =67E 3FE 42>6 FA 9@=5:?8 9:D 256 E96 7:CDE 7C66 E9C@H 2?5 H2D E96? DF3365 @FE @7 E96 82>6 2D 2 AC642FE:@?] s2GJ? #2?5@=A9 >256 E96 D64@?5 7@F= D9@E E@ 4FE E96 p46D' 567:4:E E@ e'\dh]k^Am

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kAmkDEC@?8m~H6?D3@C@ r2E9@=:4 We'Xk^DEC@?8m — q6:4—2? b'[ t36=92C 'b[ %] r2CC:4@ c[ uC:4c[ w282? c[ r2C@E96CD a[ '] r2CC:4@ a[ #2?5@=A9 ']k^Am