ACRAZE Returns To EDC For Another 'Surprising' Performance


The time has come ravers!

Known for his big hits like "Do It to It" and "Believe," ACRAZE is bringing his signature beats back to EDC for two exciting sets.

"Last year, I was scared to test out new stuff. The more recent stuff I've been making has been really insane. I do have one special guest coming to my set. It's a new record that I've been playing out, so I'm excited to see the reaction at EDC," ACRAZE tells PRIDE.

With plenty of new material for fans to enjoy, the DJ is ready to pull out all the stops until sunrise in Las Vegas.

"I'll be playing at least ten records in my set that are new. I'll be ending my set with my special guest that's coming, which is one of my favorite songs that I've ever made. It's going to be really exciting."

As one of the most inclusive festivals in the world, ACRAZE is looking forward to seeing fans from all walks of life in the crowd all night long.

"We're all there for one reason, it's just to enjoy ourselves and escape reality. I remember when I first started going to raves, that was my main goal to just escape the stress and dance it all away. Especially at EDC, I like going into the crowd and jamming with people in VIP. There's a bunch of DJ's just having fun and being normal like everybody else. I really thrive to go to these types of festivals and just have fun, rather than just work."

Speaking of having fun, the hitmaker has had a busy year as one of the new headliners at XS Nightclub and Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas.

"It's been awesome so far. The shows have been crazy. The Wynn has just been a great place to be. 'Do It to It' never fails. It's a weapon in my set! I'm there just to have fun like everybody else."

ACRAZE will be performing at EDC and Wynn Las Vegas all weekend long. To see the full interview, check out the video below.