Add A S'mores Element To Your Brownies With A Bag Of Mini Marshmallows

brownies topped with mini marshmallows
brownies topped with mini marshmallows - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

As delicious as a traditional fudgy brownie recipe might be, the chewy chocolatey favorite can be quickly upgraded with an assortment of add-ins and flavorful ingredients -- like mini marshmallows. If you appreciate the taste of toasted campfire s'mores and ice creams adorned with the cute fluffy sweets, it is only fitting that you consider including them in your next batch of homemade brownies.

The gooey toasted texture and pop of sweetness that a handful of mini marshmallows provide can make each brownie bite feel like an instant vacation. Combined with a crunchy base layer of crumbled-up graham crackers and a sprinkling of cinnamon powder, your palate may wonder why you're being so sweet. Consider yourself warned: Once you've treated yourself to this sumptuous combination of flavors, you'll be looking to make not only brownies but also cookies and bars with similar ingredients so that you can experience the sweetest tastes of summer any time of the year -- no matches or fires required.

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More Is More When It Comes To Indulgent Desserts

marshmallow topped brownies
marshmallow topped brownies - soeka/Shutterstock

Whether you decide to stir mini marshmallows directly into brownie batter or create layers of the sweet gooey mixture with homemade marshmallows before placing your batch into the oven, oozy caramelized sugar flavors will seep into your recipe and add that nostalgic campfire element to your dessert. You may want to reserve a handful of marshmallows to add to brownies that have been half-baked and let them turn golden on top of your recipe as the brownies finish cooking.

A treat this sweet deserves a suitably fitting crown. Consider drizzles of chocolate or caramel, scoops of vanilla gelato, or shavings of rich dark chocolate to create a dish that is not only pleasing to the mouth but easy on the eyes. To double down on a chocolately marshmallow experience, bring out your favorite brand of rocky road ice cream to accompany your culinary masterpiece. With a recipe this good, you may even be packing marshmallow brownies to take along with you on your next camping trip.

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