Aerolab case to return to court


The copyright case involving Force India and Aerolab/Caterham is set to return to court early in 2013, after it was ruled an appeal hearing could go ahead.

Force India was awarded £21,000 in damages back in March after a court ruled that the Aerolab company used by Lotus Racing - as Caterham was called then - had used some of the Silverstone-based team's intellectual property in its 2010 design.

However, Force India felt that the level of damages was not high enough and, after also being ordered to pay £650,000 in costs, it wanted a fresh hearing to look into the matter.

A hearing between legal representatives last week decided that the British appeal court will now be allowed to look back at specific matters of dispute – with a decision expected soon on whether it can rule again on the case or if a retrial of certain elements will be needed.

Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley said that he expected matters to move forward early in 2013.

"It will now go to the appeal court early next year, and they will decide whether they can handle it or if it needs a retrial for certain parts of the case," he told AUTOSPORT.

"The appeal court judge authorised it can go to appeal court, and the appeal court has to decide if it feels competent to deal with totality of case, or retrial elements of it."

Caterham did not wish to comment on the matter.

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