I need advice: How dare a waiter discipline my child? What should I do?

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How dare the waiter discipline my child?<em> (Photo for representational purposes only)</em>
How dare the waiter discipline my child? (Photo for representational purposes only)

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Here is today’s question:

My wife and I and our 4-year-old son were out to dinner sometime back. This was just before the lockdown was announced, before all the mayhem of the pandemic, when life was good.

It was a nice restaurant, not fast food, but not super fancy either. My son is a normal, active little boy, and it’s hard for him to sit through a whole dinner, so we let him explore the restaurant a little.

Soon, I noticed our waiter gave him the stern eye, so we asked him to stop running. He was pretty good about it after that, but after a while he made the mistake of coming in his way, when he was carrying a tray, and he spoke to him rather harshly to go back to our table and sit down.

I felt it was completely uncalled for, and he should have come and spoken to us personally.

How dare he discipline someone else’s child? I complained to the manager of the restaurant, and the waiter got an earful that night. I cannot stop thinking about it. Am I wrong to think that way?


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