Ahsoka fan spots heart breaking Sabine Wren parallel with Star Wars Rebels

 Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels and Ahsoka.
Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels and Ahsoka.

An Ahsoka fan has spotted a parallel with Star Wars Rebels involving Sabine Wren – and it's seriously heartbreaking.

In Rebels season 3, Sabine returns to Mandalore wielding the Darksaber. When she arrives home, though, her mother, named Ursa, ends up giving the all-important weapon to the villainous Gar Saxon in exchange for Sabine's safety. The deal also involves giving up the Jedi Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus.

"Your mother betrayed everything you believe in to save you," Saxon tells Sabine, which, as the fan has noticed, is a direct parallel to Sabine's own actions to save Ezra in Ahsoka episode 4. To make things even more resonant, Saxon is voiced by none other than the late Ray Stevenson – the actor who played Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka.

"Maybe foreshadowing isn't quite the right word (since [Dave] Filoni hadn’t even written Ahsoka yet) here, but what Ursa did basically being the template for Sabine’s actions to save Ezra ten plus years later is BONKERS," the fan writes.

"Sabine's actions echo her mother's in such an uncanny way. It has to be a coincidence since this was written way before Ahsoka but, damn, what a striking parallel," they continue. "Ursa practically handed Mandalore and two of the last living Jedi over to the Empire's rule. And Sabine gave Thrawn the key to his return and the potential resurgence of the Empire.

"They both made the same choice: exchanging innocent lives for a loved one’s safety (albeit Sabine’s choice was on a galactic scale)," they add. "You could literally use that same line Gar Saxon delivers with one minor change – this time to a devastated Ezra."

In Ahsoka, Sabine gives up the map to Peridea in exchange for passage to Ezra, who has been stranded in the distant galaxy since the Rebels season 4 finale. The catch is, this allows Baylan, Shin Hati, and Morgan Elsbeth to set their course for Grand Admiral Thrawn. It is indeed a pretty strong parallel to her mother's actions, which only makes the moment all the more emotional.

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