AI Art Just Reimagined Disney Princesses If They Were All Played By The Rock, And Now I Can’t Unsee It

 Dwayne Johnson on Young Rock
Dwayne Johnson on Young Rock

Dwayne Johnson has taken part in a number of Disney movies. Most recently, he was part of the cast of animated characters for Moana showing off his animated vocal talents and musical stylings for the song “You’re Welcome.” But if your curiosity has ever piqued you on what the former wrestler would look like as a Disney princess, AI art presented us with photos that I can’t unsee.

Artificial intelligence fears have been one of the many growing concerns of the 2023 WGA Writers Strike. AI could affect how studios greenlight movies by having the technology read scripts or create avatars to replace extras. But what if AI art could be the future of casting possibilities? Even if it’s done in good fun, there are some casting possibilities that I’ll fail to unsee that AI art could present like what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would look like if cast as iconic Disney princesses. Take a look at the eye-piercing Instagram photos below.

It’s honestly incredibly scary how realistic these photos are. It’s not like in the good old days of Photoshop where you can just paste a person’s head on someone’s body. This AI art doesn’t hide The Rock’s signature smolder or those enormous muscles of his. What’s also astounding about photos are the different interpretations of how the Moana star is portrayed. We see him looking like a warrior as Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel, and Merida to name a few. But, the California native also looks precious when he appears as Snow White, Tinkerbell, Rapunzel, and Tiana. Seeing Johnson in the form of these princesses can astoundingly present their differing personalities to us.

The start of the Jumanji actor’s family film journey began in 2007 with Disney playing football player Joe Kingman in The Game Plan. Then came the 2009 Disney remake Race to Witch Mountain and the action-adventure flick Jungle Cruise which made a box office milestone of over $100 million. And we can’t forget one of Johnson’s best movies in Moana playing the shape-shifting demigod Maui. As the University of Miami alumnus’ film beginnings were in more serious movies like The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King, Disney brought out a more comedic, playful side to The Rock that has kept audiences entertained for years.

Upcoming Disney movies on Dwayne Johnson’s radar are not to play a Disney princess but to revisit one of his prominent roles. Moana is already getting a live-action remake less than a decade before its original animated feature came out. While The Rock is reprising his role as Maui, Auli’i Cravalho will not be reprising hers as the 22-year-old would prefer to be the film’s executive producer instead and help find an actress closer in age to Moana. The movie has already taken a big step forward with Hamilton's Thomas Kail coming on board to direct. You won’t have to wait too long to see the Moana remake as the upcoming movie has a sooner-than-expected release date of June 27, 2025. With Johnson looking very excited to portray Maui on screen again, fans of the Disney actor should be too.

AI art showed us creepy yet realistic images of how Dwayne Johnson would appear as a Disney princess. As these images continue to stay in my head and yours, feel free to watch his real roles in Disney flicks on your Disney+ subscription.