Is Aldi Open Or Closed On Christmas Day 2023?

Aldi customers shopping
Aldi customers shopping - Bloomberg/Getty Images

When Christmas Day rolls around, you're likely expecting loved ones to join you for a holiday feast. This means cooking up a sizable spread to feed a large group of people; in preparation for serving your guests on December 25th, you'll have to visit the grocery store to gather all of the ingredients to cook that highly-anticipated Christmas meal. However, if you think that you'll be heading out to get some of those ingredients or other cooking materials on Christmas Day itself, be warned that Aldi will not be a grocery store option for you.

According to Aldi's official website, the supermarket chain will be closed on Christmas Day 2023 — and that goes for all of its locations. Aldi also has reduced opening hours on Christmas Eve, so if it's your go-to grocery store, then be sure to get everything you need in advance of the Christmas holiday. If you do, Aldi shoppers have shared on social media that you'll find some great items for all of your Christmas needs, including some of the best advent calendars around.

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You Can Find Great Christmas Gifts At Aldi

Holiday-themed mini waffle maker
Holiday-themed mini waffle maker - Aldi

In a Reddit thread titled "Anybody else do a lot of Christmas shopping at Aldi?," users discussed their favorite Christmas purchases at the supermarket. One shopper shared that they bought an appliance with a holiday-themed function, mentioning, "I bought a mini waffle maker at Aldi for my white elephant gift at work. It makes a Christmas tree pattern on one side of the waffle."

Another Aldi shopper shared that they were able to buy some traditional Christmas items, commenting, "I went to Aldi's for stocking stuffers for family and friends: chocolates, candles, eyeshadow, mascara, body lotion, the Seinfeld game!, the music box filled with chocolate, olives, cookies." If you're intrigued and you'd like to grab some of these Christmas items, then you should know that it's best to visit Aldi mid-week. Just be sure not to show up on Christmas Day because their doors will be firmly closed.

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