Aldi Is Serving Up Game Day Food Favorites For 25% Off

Super Bowl food spread
Super Bowl food spread - Aldi

As the 2024 Super Bowl approaches, so does crunch time for gathering all of your game-day snacks and food items. Never one to shy away from offering a good deal, supermarket chain Aldi has decided to extend a Super Bowl promotion on its already-low prices to its customers looking to load up for the event. The promotion starts January 31 and runs until February 13, per a press release. As previous years have shown, Aldi is loaded with Super Bowl snacks, and it seems this season will be no different.

According to a statement from the press release issued by Scott Patton, Aldi's vice president of national buying, "Just like a quarterback leads their team, ALDI is championing shoppers by reducing our already low prices on the most popular Big Game foods." They elaborated on the limited-time deal further, saying, "This game day, we're investing in our customers even more by offering an additional 25% off their spreads — whether they're rooting for their favorite team, watching the halftime show, or laughing during the commercial breaks."

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Chips, Dips, And More Fall Under The Deal

Shopping aisle at Aldi
Shopping aisle at Aldi - defotoberg / Shutterstock

Select items that are included in this gridiron bargain are Super Bowl party essentials like salsa, guacamole, wavy potato chips, hummus platters, and even Italian meatballs. All of these products — and more — are being listed at 25% off their typical prices.

The grocery chain has shown its fervor for the sport in many different ways over the years, offering such game day favorites as Aldi's football-shaped pizza in 2023. Though this thematically appropriate pizza doesn't appear to be on the list of promotional discounts for 2024, if you see one, you might want to snatch it up to liven up your party platter. So, whether you're planning a huge get-together with friends and family for game day or you just want to stock up on snacks to enjoy solo, you may want to head over to your local Aldi before February 13.

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