Aldi UK's BBQ Chicken Frozen Pizza Has Us Jealous

pizza with chicken and BBQ sauce
pizza with chicken and BBQ sauce - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Shoppers in the U.S. love Aldi's private-label pizzas, which often rival name brands in terms of quality. However, State-side Aldi fans recently caught wind of a frozen pizza only available in the U.K. and are salivating at the mere thought of the tasty pie. According to a recent Reddit thread, the Carlos Takeaway BBQ Chicken pizza is the stuff of legend. Consider that the poster sharing their delight over the frozen pizza claimed that it's even better than what's shown on the box. And a commenter who sampled the pepperoni and extra meat version compared it to DiGiorno, which is often considered the gold standard when it comes to frozen pizza.

As illustrated by a picture the Aldi shopper shared on the social media platform, the BBQ chicken pizza is a masterpiece of plentiful toppings, gooey sauce, and crisp pizza dough. Along with sizable chunks of chicken and a substantial smattering of BBQ sauce, the pizza also features red and yellow peppers. And as far as U.S. Aldi customers are concerned, this pizza would be a welcome addition to local stores. One shopper expressed the sentiment succinctly, stating, "Looks good, wish we had this in the States!"

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Frozen Pizzas That Rival The Big Chains

Aldi storefront at night
Aldi storefront at night - Mahmoud Suhail/Shutterstock

It's not entirely clear when Aldi U.K. introduced the Carlos Takeaway BBQ Chicken frozen pizza, but a press release from 2021 heralded the introduction of takeaway (i.e., takeout) style pies. The pizzas, which included Meat Feast, Cheese Feast, and Double Pepperoni, featured fresh toppings and plenty of them, much like the BBQ Chicken variety. The quality of the pies was definitely not lost on Aldi shoppers in the U.K., who made some bold claims. According to one person, the new pizzas were "Just like Domino's," but cost substantially less than the well-known pizza purveyor. In fact, the press release claimed that these pies were about 84% less expensive than similar pizzas available at Domino's.

Unfortunately, no such BBQ chicken pizza exists in the U.S., and it doesn't appear that the Carlos line is available in U.S. stores either. Aldi fans in the States will have to make do with Mama Cozzi's BBQ Beast smokehouse style pizza, which features BBQ sauce and beef, along with pepperoni, bacon bits, and pork belly crumbles, among other toppings.

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