Aldi's Everything-Bagel-Cream-Cheese-Stuffed Shrimp Is Too Much

Bowl of fried shrimp
Bowl of fried shrimp - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Trader Joe's may have kicked off the everything-bagel seasoning trend when it combined all of the spice blend's various components into its Everything But The Bagel seasoning in 2017, but Aldi has since gotten its hand in the game. The German grocer offers the fan-favorite mixture in a number of flavors and has incorporated it into several other products, including pigs in a blanket, dip, and even cold smoked salmon. Recently, Aldi introduced yet another everything-inspired treat for customers to try — though this one isn't exactly getting all of the chain's loyal shoppers excited to toss it in their carts.

On October 30, 2023, Instagram user @adventuresinaldi spotted a new product in their local Aldi: Everything Bagel Cream Cheese Stuffed Breaded Shrimp. If you're thinking that sounds like too many words, you're not alone. Featuring panko-crusted shrimp that's seasoned with everything-bagel flavors and filled with cream cheese, it appears this frozen product is just a bit too much for some Aldi fans.

"Doesn't sound good to me," one Instagram user commented. Seemingly in agreement, another Instagram user simply said, "ew," while a third shopper on Reddit even admitted to passing on the Aldi find several weeks in a row. "I just keep going ... hmmmm ... no," they said.

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Aldi's New Everything Bagel Shrimp May Have More Foes Than Fans

Person holding box of Aldi frozen shrimp
Person holding box of Aldi frozen shrimp - adventuresinaldi/Instagram

On paper, Everything Bagel Cream Cheese Stuffed Breaded Shrimp might sound like a good idea; after all, everyone already knows that everything bagel seasoning and cream cheese are a match made in heaven. Shrimp and cream cheese have also been paired up before, specifically in dishes like creamy shrimp dip. What's more, everything bagel seasoning seems to be an appropriate topping for, well, everything. Even so, Aldi's new product combining all three just doesn't seem to have any of that appeal. Perhaps it's because the appetizer is fried or the texture combo sounds overwhelming, or maybe it's just too much of a mouthful to say, but some shoppers simply don't seem enthused about this Aldi find.

Not all shoppers, though. Some, of course, were intrigued by the amalgamation of flavors, including @adventuresinaldi, who said the stuffed shrimps sounded "so yummy" and an excellent dish to throw into the air fryer. Another Reddit user also gave the appetizer a chance, and though they found the dish rather salty, they did award it a respectable 7.5 out of 10. They did note, however, that they probably wouldn't buy the product again.

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