Aldi's Specially Selected Jam Gives Bonne Maman A Run For Its Money

Hands smear jam onto a piece of bread
Hands smear jam onto a piece of bread - Eclipse_images/Getty Images

It's a pretty common occurrence for fans to think that an Aldi dupe is even better than the real deal. For example, some picks from its line of generic cereals have become popular alternatives to big names in the breakfast game from Lucky Charms to Fruit Loops. Some fans boast that the Aldi's versions come packed with much better flavor and more generous serving sizes than those competitors.

These opinions are true for much more than the discount chain's cereal line, too. Recently fans have been raving about Aldi's Specially Selected jam, and some are even saying it gives other popular small-batch spreads, like Bonne Maman, a run for their money. After a quick look at the prices of the Aldi jam and Bonne Maman's products, Aldi's Specially Selected version is much more affordable. Much like the family-inspired brand Bonne Maman, Aldi's Specially Selected jam is also made with more fruit than other brands -- Aldi jam is 75% fruit, according to its packaging -- and comes with less sugar, too. This means that it tastes much less artificial than other pre-made jams and gives off more of a homemade taste.

The Aldi jam comes in a small glass jar, and multiple flavors are available from strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry. Starting as a seasonal item, this jam has become so popular that Aldi has started keeping it stocked on the shelves year-round. But don't wait to buy a jar -- these things go fast.

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Fans Weigh In On The Aldi Specially Selected Jam

Aldi Specially Selected raspberry jam
Aldi Specially Selected raspberry jam - Aldi

According to fans online, the Aldi Specially Selected jam is just too good to pass up. One Aldi shopper took to X, the platform formally known as Twitter, to share their take on the Aldi Specially Selected jam, dubbing it their "best blind buy all week." Another fan went to social media to share their love for it too, saying it paired especially well with sultana scones, butter, and clotted cream.

Another X user didn't really have a reason to share his admiration for the jam but felt his opinion was important enough to be shared nonetheless. "I like the Aldi specially selected strawberry jam the best," he said. Other Reddit users took time to praise the other limited edition jam flavors from the Specially Selected line like fig & honey, pear & cinnamon, cherry & rosemary, and apricot & cumin.

So, all across the board customers seem pretty happy with all the flavors of this unlikely and delicious jam. For those with a jar ready to go in the fridge, there are many unique ways to use this spread, so don't limit yourself.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Aldi Jam

Baked brie topped with berries
Baked brie topped with berries - sweet marshmallow/Shutterstock

To really let this spread shine, find ways to incorporate it into recipes where it will be the star of the show. For example, pairing this jam with mild things like baked brie and crackers is a good way to use this jam in an appetizer. With the hot, gooey cheese and a firm cracker, the sweet, fruity spread will easily melt in your mouth. Grilled cheese could also benefit from a spoonful of jam for this same reason.

Stirring a little bit of jam into yogurt is also a way to bring subtle sweetness and color into your morning meal. If you'd like to practice your mixology skills, try elevating a cocktail with a spoonful of jam too. Just throw some into your shaker, pour into a glass, and enjoy.

With such a delicious spread on hand, don't restrict yourself to the same recipes. Branch off from the tried-and-true to give something different a chance to shine. No matter what you choose to make, we hope the Aldi Specially Selected jam lives up to the high expectations set up by fans.

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