Alex Galchenyuk is not a center, according to Canadiens GM

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If it’s September, then it’s time another episode of “As The Pivot Turns,” the ongoing soap opera based on the Montreal Canadiens’ center position.

Last time on “As The Pivot Turns”: Alex Galchenyuk was maybe possibly a solution at center.

This week on “As The Pivot Turns”: Alex Galchenyuk is probably certainly a winger for the Montreal Canadiens.

“Alex is playing on the wing,” said GM Marc Bergevin, via Arpon Basu, at a golf tournament on Monday. Eric Engels puts a fine point on it:

Marc Bergevin has all but ruled out that Alex Galchenyuk will play centre at any point. Says he's seen enough to know it won't work.

— Eric Engels (@EricEngels) September 11, 2017

This is, of course, the last thing Canadiens fans want to hear. They’re convinced that Galchenyuk can work at center, and don’t want to contemplate that it might only happen outside of Montreal. They can read the stats that tell us that Galchenyuk can be a productive player at center, including under Claude Julien. They can also read a depth chart, which currently looks like this and, well, the Canadiens are a donut at forward.

Galchenyuk signed a three-year deal (AAV $4.9 million) this summer, and joked, “actually, the part of the negotiation and the clause I put in the contract is whenever I get asked this question I can walk away from the scrum now.”

He may want to strap in his Fit Bit, as Bergevin’s comments are sure to spark another round of queries.

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