Alexander Zverev ends Cameron Norrie’s Wimbledon dreams then tries to recruit Pep Guardiola

Alexander Zverev ends Cameron Norrie's Wimbledon dreams then tries to recruit Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola and Alexander Zverev exchanged words after the match - BBC

Alexander Zverev had a desperate plea to Pep Guardiola turned down after the fourth seed ended Cameron Norrie’s Wimbledon hopes in straight sets on Centre Court.

The Manchester City manager was one of several sporting figures sitting in a star-studded Royal Box as is tradition on middle Saturday and the Spaniard appeared to enjoy what he saw as Zverev also overcame a scary fall midway through the match to book his place in the fourth round.

In his post-match interview, Zverev admitted that he got nervous playing in front of Guardiola and asked if the trophy-laden coach would consider working with him.

“For me, a football legend in Pep Guardiola – when I saw Pep I got so nervous for a few games,” he said.

“Thanks a lot for coming, it’s a privilege and great honour to play [in front of you]. Last thing – Bayern Munich needs a coach. If you’re tired of football you can coach me on a tennis court any time.”

Norrie had never beaten Zverev before but he pushed him to five sets at the Australian Open in January when he exited in the round of 16.

In truth, Zverev was rarely under great threat from Norrie. He hit 15 aces, faced no break points and blasted 52 winners past the Briton in a 6-4, 6-4, 7-6 (17-15) win.

That was all despite a nasty fall for Zverev in the fifth game of the second set as he attempted to chase down a Norrie drop shot. The German’s left leg slipped on the green grass in the forecourt and he lost control of his racket as he crashed to the turf and landed next to the umpire’s chair.

The tournament physio was immediately called for the incident which had similarities to the right-ankle ligament injury he suffered in 2022 when he fell on the French Open clay against Rafael Nadal and led to several months on the sidelines. Zverev was eventually able to continue and unfortunately for Norrie, the recent Roland Garros runner-up showed no ill-effects as he completed victory on his sixth match point after a marathon third set tie-break.

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Alexander Zverev reacts after hurting his knee - Getty Images/Andrej Isakovic

For Norrie, his focus will now switch back to the clay to prepare for the tennis tournament at the Paris Olympics, which is being held at Roland Garros. The 28-year-old has slipped to 42nd in the world rankings, having started the year 18th. However, Norrie insists he is taking the positives from his run to the third round, which included beating British No 1 Jack Draper.

“The grass season ending like this I felt like I played my best tennis towards the end,” he said. “The match with Jack was a high, high level. High, high level today. Yeah, it’s exactly what I needed, to get a couple matches before Wimbledon. I really like the courts here.

“I’m really pumped for the rest of the season. I’m working so hard. I’m practising really, really well. Improving all my skills. Hopefully I can put it all together.

“Yeah, I think there’s so much to look forward to the rest of the year, the Olympics, yeah, the States, the US Open. I’m excited. Still lots of tennis to be played.

“For me, lots to improve on,” Norrie added. “I really feel good kind of, obviously not the result I wanted today, but the level I played, the level of concentration, the way I was hitting the ball, moving. I’m in really good shape. Body feels good.

“Was a really positive Wimbledon for me. I obviously would have liked to have gone further. Yeah, take a lot of positives from it.”

Zverev sees off Norrie, as it happened

04:51 PM BST

Wimbledon agony for Norrie

Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Cameron Norrie's Wimbledon dream is over for another year - Shutterstock/Adam Vaughan

04:44 PM BST

Zverev attempts to hire Guardiola for Bayern

For me and for all tennis players it’s an honour to play on this beautiful Centre Court and in front to the Royal Box, we had so many sporting legends today. For me Pep Guardiola – when I saw Pep I got so nervous for a few games.

Thanks a lot for coming, it’s a privilege to play. Last thing – Bayern Munich needs a coach. If you’re tired of football you can coach me on a tennis court any time.

Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Pep Guardiola gestures towards Alexander Zverev after the German paid tribute to him in his post match interview - Getty Images/Mike Hewitt

04:35 PM BST

Zverev reacts

Cam is an incredible player. Obviously grass is going to be his favourite surface as a Wimbledon semi-finalist here. I knew I had to play at my best level.

I’m extremely happy with my performance, extremely happy with my game. It’s an honour to play on Centre Court, I’ve played on all the Centre courts around the world but I think Wimbledon is still something more special and something different.

04:22 PM BST

WATCH: The winning moment for Zverev

04:15 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 6-7 Zverev - TIEBREAK

Norrie drop shot, this time it works as Zverev hunts it down but put his forehand into the net, 13-12. Longest rally of the match.

Zverev forehand down the line, Norrie gets there but his desperate forehand goes long, 13-13. Norrie backhand return long, 13-14.

Norrie forehand winner, 14-14. Norrie ace, 15-14. Another tight rally but Zverev wins it with a volley winner, 15-15.

Norrie floats forehand long, 15-16. Sixth match point. Short Zverev return, Norrie backhand long. GAME SET MATCH ZVEREV!

04:06 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 6-6 Zverev - TIEBREAK

Too good from Zverev which a forehand down the line and Norrie can’t get the ball back into play, 9-10. Third match point.

Zverev forehand return into the net, 10-10. Norrie on the attack and he finishes with a drive forehand, 11-10. Huge roar by the Briton.

Bad drop shot by Norrie, Zverev gets there and slices backhand down the line, Norrie has a look at a backhand pass but nets, 11-11.

Zverev forehand winner, 11-12. Norrie first serve down the T and Zverev can’t get his return in play, 12-12.

04:01 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 6-6 Zverev - TIEBREAK

Zverev backhand into the net, 7-6. Set point Norrie. Zverev hammers down a first serve down the T which is unreturned, 7-7.

Norrie backhand into the net, 7-8. Second match point. Tight rally by both players and Zverev nets a backhand, 8-8.

Zverev forehand long, 9-8. Norrie slices a defensive forehand into the net, 9-9.

On we go!

03:56 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 6-6 Zverev - TIEBREAK

Zverev first serve unreturned, 4-3. Zverev forehand clips the net cord and the ball bounces wide, 5-3. Norrie pushes a backhand into the tramlines, 5-4.

Zverev first serve unreturned, 5-5. Backhand return by Norrie goes long, 5-6. Match point Zverev.

Norrie winner forehand to keep his dreams alive, 6-6. 

03:53 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 6-6 Zverev - TIEBREAK

Zverev forehand return error, 1-0. Zverev double fault, 2-0. The first point Norrie has won on his serve in a long time.

Norrie forehand return into the net, 2-1. Norrie first serve unreturned, 3-1. Another Norrie first serve unreturned, 4-1.

Gutsy play by Zverev to take a high ball out of the air on the run and hit an overhead winner, 4-2.

03:49 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 4-6, 6-6 Zverev

Rinse and repeat on the Zverev serve as he holds to love when Norrie nets a forehand return.

Tiebreak time folks!

03:47 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 6-5 Zverev*

Ben Stokes enthusiastically applauds a very cheeky underarm serve by Norrie. Zverev never saw it coming and barely moved.

Very nice way to end the game and he has at least guaranteed himself a tiebreak.

03:45 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 4-6, 5-5 Zverev

Approaching two hours for this match and I’m not convinced Norrie knows Zverev’s serving patterns. He’s making the same errors each time, mistiming the returns and looking lost.

Yet another love hold for the German.

03:40 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 5-4 Zverev*

Deep sliced approach shot by Zverev, Norrie digs out a backhand but Zverev volleys a backhand winner back behind him, 30-30.

Norrie backhand into the tramlines, break point. Good wide serve by Norrie, Zverev doesn’t do enough with his return and Norrie carefully places a backhand into the open court, deuce.

Wild forehand by Norrie gifts Zverev another break point. Short second serve by Norrie, Zverev tries to be aggressive but nets a backhand return.

Another timely first serve by Norrie, Zverev’s backhand return is long and Norrie holds.

03:35 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 4-6, 4-4 Zverev

Love hold for Zverev in around 70 seconds. Simply too good.

Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Alexander Zverev celebrates winning a point - Getty Images/Andrej Isakovic

03:34 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 4-3 Zverev*

Norrie finds himself in trouble at 0-30. But a backhand volley winner makes it 30-30. Good play by Norrie to rush Zverev into backhand errors and the Briton holds.

03:30 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 4-6, 3-3 Zverev

Norrie isn’t getting close to a break of Zverev’s serve. Another love hold by Zverev secured.

03:28 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 3-2 Zverev*

Norrie opens the door slightly for Zverev when he puts a forehand into the tramlines but an inside out forehand winner, makes it 30-30.

Zverev attempts an audacious backhand return, around the net post. The ball is called in which Norrie can’t believe. He challenges and Hawkeye says the ball was wide. An incredulous look on Norrie’s face as he walks back to his chair.

03:28 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 4-6, 2-2 Zverev

Zverev continues to look imperious on serve and an 11th ace seals another service hold.

03:23 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 2-1 Zverev*

Ace from Norrie to secure another service hold to 30. He is averaging 171 km/h on his serve which decent but Zverev is banging in bombs at 197km/h.

Big difference.

03:17 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 4-6, 1-1 Zverev

First sign of frustration from Norrie as he drops his shoulders when he falls to 40-0 after a backhand error.

Zverev seals the game with a backhand winner.

03:16 PM BST

Third Set: Norrie 4-6, 4-6, 1-0 Zverev* (*denotes next server)

Ben Stokes in the Royal Box applauds Norrie as he holds serve to start the game. If he’s going to do it, he will have to do it in five sets.

03:13 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 4-6 Zverev

Zverev starts the game with a backhand winner and an ace down the T, 30-0. Big first serve by Zverev is unreturned by Norrie, two set points.

Zverev first serve wide, high backhand return by Norrie and Zverev puts away the easy overhead.

Uphill task for Norrie has gotten even steeper.

03:12 PM BST

‘Zverev fist pumps the air’

Norrie hasn’t held back in celebrating his winners in this match, unlike Zverev, who’s been busy employing a heads-down approach.

But the fourth seed lets out a huge roar and fist pumps the air as he turns towards his entourage after grabbing that crucial break. That’s the first time we’ve seen any emotion from the big German.

03:05 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-5 Zverev*

Shot of the day by Zverev as he runs to his right and whips a cross court forehand winner past Norrie, 0-30.

Norrie double fault, 15-40. He saves the first break point with an ace out wide. Norrie starts the rally tentatively then decides to hit his biggest forehand of the point and gets it wrong as the ball flies long.

Really poor point construction by him and now Zverev will serve for a two-set lead.

03:02 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 4-4 Zverev

Normal service resumes on the Zverev serve as he holds to love.

02:59 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 4-3 Zverev*

Zverev gets a look at a backhand pass but Norrie is there to make a forehand volley on the stretch. Big roar from Cameron as he holds when Zverev nets a backhand.

02:54 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 3-3 Zverev

Zverev’s movement seems to be a little restricted. He is forced to chase another Norrie drop shot and it is clear he doesn’t have full confidence in the surface. The forecourt is still so green because of how little net play there is in the modern game.

Norrie tries hard to keep Zverev under pressure but the German’s first serve once again bails him out of trouble.

02:44 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 3-2 Zverev*

Norrie hits an excellent drop shot, Zverev hustles to get here and slips over, loses control of his racket and stays down.

Zverev is holding his left knee. The tournament physio runs out to help and picks up the German. It was a scary moment for him and a shock to the system.

Two years ago he slipped on the clay at the French Open and damaged ankle ligaments which meant he missed a significant part of the year. However, he looks OK to continue and the physio leaves the court.

Important for Norrie that he keeps his focus and perhaps work out a way to test Zverev’s movement. More drop shots could be the way to go.

Zverev takes Norrie to deuce but a backhand winner by the Briton secures the service hold.

Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Alexander Zverev holds his right knee after a slip - Reuters/Hannah McKay

02:37 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 2-2 Zverev

129mph ace by Zverev to finish the game in emphatic style.

02:36 PM BST

Norrie 4-6, 2-1 Zverev*

Norrie seals another service game with a forehand winner. He clenches his fist again and looks towards his support box. He is looking for energy and positivity from them.

02:32 PM BST

Breaking: Raducanu pulls out of mixed doubles with Murray

Emma Raducanu has withdrawn from her mixed doubles match with Andy Murray this evening, meaning that his Wimbledon career may now be over.

Murray said goodbye to Wimbledon after losing alongside his brother, Jamie, on Thursday, but was expecting to have one more outing with Raducanu. They had been due to play in the final match of Saturday afternoon, on No 1 Court.

Raducanu remains in the singles competition, and faced playing two matches in quick succession if she started on a mixed doubles campaign. She is expected to face Lulu Sun, a qualifier from New Zealand, in the singles competition on Sunday, if rain does not throw the Wimbledon schedule into too much chaos.

Read more here.

02:31 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6, 1-1 Zverev

Zverev’s first serve has been impeccable thus far. He’s winning 83 per cent of points when he gets it in and hit three aces. Norrie is trying to be aggressive and apply pressure but it is not working out for him so fa1

02:29 PM BST

Second Set: Norrie 4-6, 1-0 Zverev*

A clench of the fist by Norrie as he digs deep to stay in the rally, makes Zverev play one more ball and the German nets a forehand, 30-30.

A rare serve and volley play by Norrie works perfectly as he places his volley into the open space for a winner and the service hold.

02:29 PM BST

‘Norrie unable to manipulate Zverev’s serve’

Still getting over that somewhat bizarre challenge of call from Norrie in the ninth game earlier, when he was trailing 3-5. He splayed the ball well long behind the baseline but perhaps it was a tactical ploy to take some sting out of the match.

It worked - he sent down an ace en route to saving an important break point but it was only delaying the inevitable. He’s thus far been unable to manipulate the German’s serve.

Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Cameron Norrie hits a backhand - Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph

02:22 PM BST

Norrie* 4-6 Zverev

Must win game for Norrie of course but Zverev keeps his composure and earns two set points.

Zverev puts a forehand into the tramlines on the first. But his trusty first serve sees out the danger as Norrie nets a forehand return.

02:15 PM BST

Norrie 4-5 Zverev*

More problems for Norrie on his serve as he falls to 0-30. Fortunately, he finds two first serves which are unreturned.

Norrie pushes a backhand long, break point. He challenges it and Hawkeye shows the ball was quite a way long.

Norrie goes on the attack, going after Zverev’s forehand and the German shanks a forehand long.

Zverev drop shot, it’s not a good one in truth, Norrie reaches it and places a forehand down the line for a winner.

Now he needs to break the Zverev serve. Easier written than done!

02:10 PM BST

Norrie* 3-5 Zverev

It’s not a break of serve unless you consolidate and Zverev needs his first serve to get him out of a little bit of trouble.

02:04 PM BST

Norrie 3-4 Zverev*

That encouraging start by Norrie is being severely tested in this game as he slips to 0-40.

The Briton saves the first two break points. What about a third?

No. Zverev’s power and depth is too much for Norrie, who is stretched out wide and forced to hit a backhand but nets.

02:02 PM BST

‘An encouraging start’

This has been an encouraging start from Norrie, who will be desperate to end his losing run against Zverev.

The big-hitting German leads their head-to-head 5-0 but the Brit’s serve is functioning extremely efficiently - he’s landed 93 per cent of his first serves so far but it will take more than that to break this year’s French Open finalist.

02:01 PM BST

Norrie* 3-3 Zverev

Another sign of Zverev’s world class backhand as he drills a shot down the line for a winner to hold.

Only a handful of players hit a backhand better than the German.

01:59 PM BST

Norrie 3-2 Zverev*

Good, clean service hold to 15 by Norrie, who has started this match well. He’s had a poor year by his high standard but so far today he is exuding plenty of confidence

Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Cameron Norrie hits a forehand against Alexander Zverev - Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph

01:56 PM BST

Norrie* 2-2 Zverev

Cagey start by both players. Neither has taken authority but the positive body language is coming from Norrie, despite losing the game.

01:53 PM BST

Norrie 2-1 Zverev*

First point against the serve comes when Zverev beats Norrie at the net with a brilliant cross court backhand pass. But four forehand errors in a row allows Norrie to hold. Perhaps a weakness for Norrie to exploit there.

01:51 PM BST

Norrie* 1-1 Zverev

The German follows Norrie with a love hold of his own. Service for both players will be decisive today.

01:46 PM BST

First Set: Cameron Norrie 1-0 Alexander Zverev* (*denotes next server)

Just as play starts you can hear the heavy rain beating down on the Centre Roof. Fortunately this isn’t Old Trafford so no leaks here.

Minimum fuss from Norrie as he holds to love in 90 seconds.

01:30 PM BST

Centre Court fans pay tribute

One of the nice elements of Saturday on Centre Court is the number of sporting legends in the Royal Box.

Clare Balding is here to announce them all. I hear a little booing for Pep Guardiola when his name is read out.

Must be some Arsenal fans in here!

01:19 PM BST

Dominant head-to-head record for Zverev

The German has beaten Norrie in all five of their previous Tour level meetings, including a five-set victory when they met in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open earlier this year.

It was the first time Norrie had won a set against Zverev, who will be aiming to extend a 20-match winning streak against left handed players.

01:05 PM BST

How Norrie reached the third round

12:49 PM BST

Sport’s finest are arriving at Wimbledon

Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Man City boss Pep Guardiola with his wife Cristina Serra - Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph
Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Dame Denise Lewis attends day six of Wimbledon - WireImage/Karwai Tang
Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill arrives with her husband Andy - Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph
Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali Tendulkar arrive at Wimbledon - WireImage/Karwai Tang

12:37 PM BST

Saturday’s order of play

Centre Court

13:30: Cameron Norrie (Gbr) v (4) Alexander Zverev (Ger), (10) Ons Jabeur (Tun) v (21) Elina Svitolina (Ukr), Alexei Popyrin (Aus) v (2) Novak Djokovic (Srb)

Court 1

13:00: (14) Ben Shelton (USA) leads Denis Shapovalov (Can) to finish 3-2, (1) Iga Swiatek (POL) v Yulia Putintseva (Kaz), (4) Elena Rybakina (Kaz) v Caroline Wozniacki (Den), Marcelo Arevalo (Esa) / Shuai Zhang (Chn) v Andy Murray (Gbr) / Emma Raducanu (Gbr)

Court 2

11:00: Harriet Dart (Gbr) v Xinyu Wang (Chn), (5) Daniil Medvedev leads Jan-Lennard Struff (Ger) to finish 6-1 6-3 4-6 1-1, (13) Taylor Fritz (USA) v (24) Alejandro Tabilo (Chi)

Click here for the rest of Saturday’s schedule.

12:30 PM BST

Play delayed at Wimbledon

Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Saturday has started with heavy rain - Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph
Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Fans on Henman Hill wait for the rain to stop - Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph
Wimbledon 2024: score and latest updates
Saturday is set to be a rain affected day - AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth

12:12 PM BST

Norrie vs Zverev

Hello and welcome to a wet and cold Wimbledon for day six coverage of Cameron Norrie vs Alexander Zverev. Norrie has had a tricky year in terms of results but his confidence will surely be boosted by his victory over British No 1 Jack Draper on Thursday.

“For me to get a win against a top player like Jack means a lot, especially in straight sets,” he said. “But for the British No 1, not really. I think maybe it was a bit easier for me going into this match being the underdog.

“Yeah, I definitely felt very relaxed going into the match. I like that court a lot. I played my tennis and I gave him nothing really. I hit my backhand especially really well. I was just enjoying being out there and enjoying moving the ball around and playing and making it physical. A lot of fun to play against Jack. I was happy with my level.”

Zverev has quietly reached the third round with straight-set wins over Roberto Carbelles Baena and Marcos Giron. His best result at Wimbledon is the fourth round in 2017 and 2021. The German is the fourth seed at SW19 and reached the French Open final last month, where he was beaten by Carlos Alcaraz.

“It’s the first time I really feel like I’m here to be a competitor, to maybe win the title,” he said. “I didn’t feel like that previous years when I came here. I didn’t feel like I was capable. I didn’t believe I was capable. I also do think this is the most open Wimbledon Championship that we maybe had in 20 years in terms of favorites, in terms of potential winners. I think there’s multiple guys who have a very decent chance of going deep and very decent chance of winning the tournament.

“I don’t think it has been like that for maybe 20 years since before Roger started playing, right? After Roger came Rafa, Novak, Andy. It was always a very limited amount of guys who were actually able to compete and to win the tournaments. I really feel it’s different this year. I really feel like I can say I’m one of those guys who is going to do everything they can.

“Is it a tournament where maybe I need a bit more luck and maybe a few things to go my way, a few things to happen? Yes, definitely. More than maybe at other Grand Slams. If those things all come into place, if all those things maybe go my way for once, do I believe I can win? Then yes, I can.”