Alexandria Junior/Senior High moves forward with e-sports team

Feb. 12—ALEXANDRIA — Additional screen time and potentially violent content initially warranted concern from one school board member about the new e-sports team at Alexandria-Monroe Junior/Senior High School.

For Penny Stevens, that all changed with a trip to Butler University where she went into an e-sports area. There she got a taste of the program and her trepidation eased.

"You can teach an old dog new tricks," she said during Monday's meeting.

The recently established "Techno Tigers," is partly headed up by Meghan Anacker, a teacher at the Junior/Senior High who gave a presentation about the value of e-sports.

Such value includes collaboration with others and college scholarships.

Carter Dobbs, a junior at Alexandria-Monroe, joined the team because he thought it would be a way to reach out to those not involved in afterschool activities.

"I've been gaming my whole life and I've been waiting for something like this to happen," he said. "I'm excited for it (the team)."

The team will be run like a normal sports team with academic and discipline expectations in place.

Members are required to have passing grades in their classes, good attendance and a good discipline record.

Right now, the students are playing Fortnite, a popular game in which players attempt to survive by battling other players and building structures.

However, more games could be added, Anacker said.

Other school board members were excited about the program. Diane Sayre asked if she could watch a practice, which occurs on Wednesdays.

Students will also travel to competitions. Anacker hopes to take them to Ball State University for the state high school e-sports competition in April.

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