Alfie Moon shares a DEVASTATING secret!

 Alfie Moon confronts Phil Mitchell
Alfie Moon confronts Phil Mitchell

Alfie Moon has more than one bombshell to share in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Alfie Moon has already ruined one attempt by Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell get married, and it looks like he's about to do it again!

After Keanu Taylor let slip to Alfie that Phil has been keeping secrets from Kat, Alfie was horrified. It's the day of the wedding and, wanting to protect his ex, he heads to the Arches to get the whole story from Keanu.

Marching over to Phil's house, Alfie works his way up to tell Kat the truth...

Phil Mitchell celebrates his wedding day
Phil Mitchell celebrates his wedding day

Phil and the Mitchell men raise a toast to family at Peggy's. It's not long before Alfie turns up and tells Phil he needs a word!

Furious with Phil for keeping secrets from Kat, he punches him and the two men battle it out.

Phil soon realises that what he's been up to is not the only thing that's bothering Alfie. After pushing Alfie to open up, he's shocked when Alfie makes a confession.

Alfie recently went for tests after doctors suspected he may have prostate cancer but he told Phil he was given the all clear.

Phil is stunned when Alfie admits he lied...

The tests came back positive and he has cancer.

Nugget Gulati confronts Ravi Gulati
Nugget Gulati confronts Ravi Gulati

Nugget Gulati is in a spin after Suki Panesar revealed something massive to him about his criminal father!

Realising she's gone too far by dragging the teenager into their drama, Suki feels guilty.

It's not long before Ravi Gulati notices that his son has something on his mind. But when he opens up to Zack Hudson about his worries, he lets himself believe that Nugget's strange mood is just normal teenage dramas.

Troubled by Suki's revelation, Nugget asks his best mate Denzel Danes to skip school with him. His mood darkens when Denzel refuses and Nugget's left on his own.

Desperate to know the truth about his father, Nugget heads to Walford East to confront him.

When he explains what Suki told him, will Ravi try and fob him off or will Nugget realise that EVERYTHING she's told him is horrifyingly true?

Jay Brown meets up with Nadine
Jay Brown meets up with Nadine

Also, Jay Brown is rattled when Nadine turns up in the square again, as the grieving widower is worried about being seen with her. Meanwhile, Kathy Beale begs Ian Beale to let grandson Bobby Beale move home.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.