Alonso's car suffers damage after double rollover in Dakar stage 10

Andrew van Leeuwen
Alonso's car suffers damage after double rollover
Alonso's car suffers damage after double rollover

Fernando Alonso's Toyota Hilux has been damaged in a double rollover during the 10th stage of the 2020 Dakar Rally.

The Spaniard hit a dune at an awkward angle just over a kilometre into the 331-mile test, pitching he and Marc Coma's Hilux into a roll.

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The car landed back on its wheels after two full revolutions, with initial fears that it would be too damaged to continue without a lengthy wait on outside assistance.

However, the duo got going and finished the test, dropping 68 minutes and four spots to 14th in the overall order.

"Well, I'm fine," Alonso said at the end of the stage.

"As soon as we started we had the turnaround [roll] and we were on the back foot all the time.

"But, in general, it was a good day, we are here, we have not lost much, just some places, I do not care sixth or 13th [Alonso is now 14th overall].

"I am happy to finish another difficult day.

"I know it's the news of the day, there were 1,000 people waiting in each place, but look, we've been lucky.

UPDATE: Leader Sainz wins shortened stage 10, Alonso rolls

"Fourteenth overall in the first Dakar, just a little setback in which we lost a few minutes, but it's the Dakar's tonic, others have not finished.

"We passed [Nani] Roma fixing his car, but we are lucky to be in the parc ferme.

"I am sorry that they are not the quotes you want to hear, but I am quite happy with the day.

"I'm so lucky to continue in the Dakar, to be in a tough race.

"We don't give up.

"We haven't come for a walk, I try to win stages and that's what we like to do.

"Today I wanted to win, you can fail but you can't [win if you] don't try it, and today is one of those days."

Alonso scored a best stage finish of second during the marathon's eighth stage on Monday.

Mini driver and World Rally champion Carlos Sainz maintained his lead after winning stage 10, which was cut short due to poor weather.

Last year's winner Nasser Al-Attiyah is Sainz's closest challenger, Alonso's Toyota team-mate currently 18m10s behind the leader.

Alonso's car suffers damage after double rollover
Alonso's car suffers damage after double rollover

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