Alpine Skiing - Austria win team event at Worlds

Hosts Austria won the mixed team event ahead of Sweden at the alpine skiing World Championships in Schladming.

Alpine Skiing - Austria win team event at Worlds

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Michaela Kirchgasser of Austria (C) and team mates celebrate their first place finish on the podium during the flower ceremony after the national team event at the World Alpine Skiing Championships in Schladming February 12, 2013. REUTERS

The home team convincingly beat Sweden 4-0 in the final, a boost to the nation after their team largely disappointed with just two bronzes in the first six events.

"It wasn't easy, the whole country was watching the Austrian team," slalom star Marcel Hirscher said.

"We tried to give 100 per cent and I think all of us did a pretty good job. Everyone's celebrating and that's perfect."

Germany took bronze from Canada after Fritz Dopfer beat Philip Brown by one hundredth of a second in the final race of their play-off.


1. Austria N.Hosp/M.Kirchgasser/C.Thalmann/M.Hirscher/M.Mathis/P.Schoerghofer

2. Sweden N.Eklund/F.Hansdotter/M.Pietilae-Holmner/J.Byggmark/M.Hargin/A.Myhrer

3. Germany L.Duerr/M.Hoefl-Riesch/V.Hronek/F.Dopfer/S.Luitz/F.Neureuther

4. Canada M.Gagnon/E.Mielzynski/B.Phelan/E.Terwiel/P.Brown/M.Janyk

5. Slovenia A.Bucik/A.Drev/I.Stuhec/Z.Kranjec/M.Kuerner/M.Zerak

5. France A.Barthet/A.Marmottan/T.Worley/T.Mermillod Blondin/S.Missillier/S.Theolier

5. U.S. S.Cook/L.Ross/M.Shiffrin/W.Brandenburg/D.Chodounsky/T.Jitloff

5. Czech Republic M.Dubovska/K.Paulathova/V.Volopichova/O.Bank/O.Berndt/F.Trejbal

9. Italy C.Costazza/E.Curtoni/D.Karbon/M.Marsaglia/R.Nani/D.Simoncelli

9. Switzerland M.Gisin/W.Holdener/R.Kopp/G.Caviezel/R.Schmidiger/M.Vogel

9. Norway M.Loseth/N.Loseth/L.Haugen/H.Kristoffersen

9. Finland N.Halme/T.Poutiainen/M.Soppela/V.Malmstrom/E.Pirinen/M.Sandell

9. Croatia A.Komsic/S.Novoselic/S.Trsinski/I.Kostelic/D.Samsal/F.Zubcic

9. Slovakia V.Velez Zuzulova/P.Vlhova/M.Falat/A.Zampa/A.Zampa

9. Liechtenstein A.Buehler/J.Frick/M.Nigg/N.Gauer/S.Heeb/M.Pfiffner

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