Alpine Skiing - Brignone ruled out of World Championships

Federica Brignone will miss the World Championships in Schladming in February due to a cyst in her foot.

Alpine Skiing - Brignone ruled out of World Championships

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2012, Federica Brignone, Sci, Ap/LaPresse

The 22-year-old Italian collected four World Cup podiums last season but has just 13 points this term.

She will now undergo physiotherapy and recuperate at home after an operation on her foot.

Brignone said: “I have spent a week in a real home after hospital. It’s amazing!

“Not being able to play sports means I have been able to sort a lot of things out, watch the races on television and see my friends who I never see.

“I feel better now, and tomorrow I start with physiotherapy in Asti.

“I think the cyst was a message from my body that I obviously needed some rest, so now I will listen to my body a lot more. I don’t want to have any other problems.

“I do not know when I can get back on the slopes, all I know is that I will not participate in Schladming.”

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