The top-rated deep tissue massager to relieve muscle pain and stress

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Splashing out on a sports massage, a chiropractor, or trip to the spa to release muscle tension, shake the stiff neck and de-stress can be costly, but Yahoo! has found the at-home alternative for you.

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Meet Invospa’s Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager.

This deep tissue massager is fitted with a 3D shiatsu massager, which has three speed settings, eight strengths, and is bi-directional as it goes into auto-reverse every minute.

The adjustable settings mean you can get the right pressure at the exact point with the massage tool, which is perfect for getting those hard to reach problem areas.

Plus, Invospa’s design has an infrared heat option, which not only helps to soothe sore muscles by warming up the area, but also helps to de-stress and boost blood circulation.

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The massager is extremely versatile, as it can be worn around the neck to target the upper back area, but also worn around the back, or placed behind the calves, hamstrings, feet, or arms for a full body massage.

If that wasn’t enough the massager comes with a wall power adaptor, as well as a car charger, so you can use the tool at home, in the car, or when you are on the go.

And with a nifty bag to store the massager and chargers in, you will no longer have to suffer in silence.

It is no wonder the Invospa massager has been hailed a life saver by customers, with 70% of customers rating it five stars.

One review read: “I have chronic muscle muscle tension and knots in my neck, shoulder, traps. This device really really hits all those sweet spots. Here's also something about the way the rollers are programmed, that you really feel like you're getting a massage from an actual pair of hands.”

A second wrote: “I have Fibromyalgia and this has been an absolute dream. You can control the pressure by how hard you pull down on the hand loops and the heating function relieves even more pain.”

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