Amazon Orders Season 2 of Italian Hit Series ‘The Bad Guy’

Just when The Bad Guy tried to get out, Amazon pulled him back in.

Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday unveiled a second season order for the Italian crime series, starring Luigi Lo Cascio and Claudia Pandolfi, which has been a hit with audiences and critics.

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Stefano Accorsi (Italian Race) will join the cast for season 2, alongside returning cast members including Selene Caramazza, Giulia Maenza and Antonio Catania. Season 2 shot on location in Lazio, Emilia Romagna and Sicily.

Lo Cascio stars in The Bad Guy as Nino Scotellaro, an incorruptible Sicilian public prosecutor who is imprisoned on false accusations of collusion with the mafia. Once inside, he decides to pull off a Machiavellian revenge plan, embracing the “bad guy” image that has been forced upon him.

Season 2, which series producers say will be a mix of “crime and dark comedy,” will explore Scotellaro’s past as well as his likely future, as a man caught “between the ghosts of regret and remorse and the desire for a new life no longer within his reach.”

Giuseppe G. Stasi and Giancarlo Fontana direct season 2. Ludovica Rampoldi, Davide Serino and Giuseppe G. Stasi created The Bad Guy, and co-wrote the series together with Fortunata Apicella, Giacomo Bendotti, and Giordana Mari.

“Season 2 of The Bad Guy starts at the exact same point at which we left our protagonists. And it follows them in their slow descent into the chasm in which good and evil, the good and the bad mix together to the point of appearing undistinguishable,” said Stasi and Fontana. “The playful and ironic feeling of Season 1 persists, but in our writing together we decided to gradually veer it towards a more intimate, emotional and tragic tone. If we were considering the score of a requiem mass, The Bad Guy would be the Lacrimosa.”

Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori and Viola Prestieri are producing the new season for Indigo Film in co-production with Amazon MGM Studios, in association with Fifth Season and in collaboration with RAI Cinema, a division of the Italian public broadcaster.

Season 2 of The Bad Guy will debut first on Prime Video in Italy in 2025, followed by a free TV airing on RAI, which will also broadcast season 1. Fifth Season is handling international sales for both seasons.

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