Amazon’s new series adaptation of a hit film lands a great Rotten Tomatoes score

 Mr. and Mrs. smith.
Mr. and Mrs. smith.

Donald Glover’s new series Mr. and Mrs. Smith is now out on Amazon Prime Video, and the reviews are very positive.

Based loosely on the 2005 movie starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the 8-part show follows two spies called Jane and John who go undercover as a married couple to complete work for a mysterious organization.

Glover plays John, and is an executive producer and co-creator on the show, opposite Maya Erskine’s Jane. The pair are also joined by a stellar line-up of cameos, but we won’t spoil the fun here.

The series is currently in the top spot on Prime Video’s streaming list, and it’s got some glowing early reviews. Sitting at 88% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, the show is officially Certified Fresh.

The Guardian gives it four stars, writing: "Every episode of this glorious spy remake is a tiny slice of Mission: Impossible. But the refreshingly fun bond between the leads will make you fall in love with them both."

Variety compares it to the film that inspires it, concluding: "This version may not make as many headlines as its predecessor, but it stands up far better to scrutiny." Meanwhile, The Independent gives it five stars, writing: "Despite a relatively chaste tone, Mr & Mrs Smith manages to be one of the sexiest shows on TV."

Vulture adds: "It's such a relief to watch a TV series that doesn’t strive for film-style plotting stretched over eight hours. There is some bumpiness in pacing and plotting, but Mr. & Mrs. Smith has a finely tuned sense of the world John and Jane are striving for."

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