Amber Rose Trolls Beyoncé and Tyga, Then Claims She Got Hacked

Amber Rose takes aim at Beyoncé on Twitter. (Photo: Getty Images)
Amber Rose takes aim at Beyoncé on Twitter. (Photo: Getty Images)

Amber Rose isn’t exactly known for being a shrinking violet, but on Wednesday night, the 33-year-old model shocked her 4 million Twitter followers when she shot off two alarming tweets. The first was aimed at Tyga — the second, at Beyoncé.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant told Tyga that ever since he and Blac Chyna broke up, his music had become even worse than it was before.

Just to be clear, Rose is good friends with Blac Chyna (who now has a baby with Rob Kardashian) and was none too pleased when Tyga left Chyna to date Kylie Jenner (though they have now split as well).

Rose then took aim at Queen Bey as she jokingly (?) outed herself as the mysterious “Becky with the good hair,” who rose to fame after being mentioned in Beyoncé’s Lemonade album last year.

In case you missed that firestorm, Beyoncé’s fans basically went on a witch hunt to find the true identity of “Becky.” At the time, suspects included everyone from Rita Ora to Rachel Roy (not to mention celebrity chef Rachel Ray for a brief moment when fans got her confused with the aforementioned designer).

Rose was quick to do damage control, however, and took to Instagram to explain she’d been hacked. Interestingly this happened right around the same time that a guy reportedly broke into her San Fernando Valley house, hung out inside for several hours, and then bolted without taking anything.

“We both got hacked f*** it #safeword @cthagod,” she wrote beside the short video post.

We both got hacked fuck it #safeword @cthagod ????

A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on May 17, 2017 at 9:30pm PDT

With an angelic glowing flower crown encircling her head, she said, “Damn, I think my Twitter got hacked. Radio personality and best-selling author Charlemagne Tha God then slid into the frame beside her — also sporting the glowing floral headpiece. “I think mine got hacked too,” he said as he put his arm around his friend. “But let me tell you something: Tyga’s music is trash.” Rose cracked a smile as she playfully scolded him, saying, “Damn, Charlemagne, f***.”

So… that was an apology… right?

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