Amelie Tsang thanks British Fencing for unwavering support

.Amelie Tsang competes at at the fencing World Cadet Championships in Dubai.
.Amelie Tsang competes at at the fencing World Cadet Championships in Dubai.

Amelie Tsang says British Fencing’s unwavering support has helped her navigate the challenges of lockdown and lay the foundations for a decorated international career.

The Bromley star, 15, has been juggling her GCSEs with her training over the last year after being unable to compete for months during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But that setback never stopped her from excelling in 2022, finishing in the top 16 in at the fencing World Cadet Championships in Dubai.

Tsang believes the safety net provided by her national governing was invaluable and hopes to learn vital lessons as she continues to embark on her junior career.

She said: "I think British Fencing has played a crucial role.

"Every couple of months, they host these development programmes where they get all the British fencers together to spar each other.

"And I think that they are really good opportunities to spar the top athletes in the country.

"And they also run these programmes that are very mindful, and they help you if you have any questions to ask.

"I remember at the beginning of the season where we had just returned from Covid, and I was about to go to my first international tournament.

"I was really stressed because I wasn't going to have my coach with me, and I was really scared that I was going to panic while competing and not perform as well because of that.

"But I was introduced to people through the programme, and I managed to have a good conversation with them, and I was able to put a lot of what they said into practice."

Tsang receives support and funding from British Fencing, with the organisation launching a brand new ‘British Fencing commitment’ setting out their cultures and values both on and off the piste going forward.

Dusty Miller, head of people and culture at the national governing body, said: “The culture at British Fencing is moving to a ‘fencer-centred’ approach.”

“What we are trying to do is put the development of the fencer at the very centre.

“To be fencer-centred is about putting the fencer’s performance, and the development of that individual, right at the heart of performance.

“The commitment is our binding contract with each other, between the community, parents and us as a national governing body to support the development and the growth of their children, hopefully into high performance adults.”

British Fencing supports fencing and para fencing across the UK, from grassroots initiatives and school-age experiences, through to clubs and competitions. The Athlete Development Programme supports fencers as they develop along the GBR pathway and has a three-point focus: Fencer-Centred, Development-Driven and Competition-Supported, placing the fencer at the heart of the competitive fencing map. Find out more at