America the Terrible: 6 Times TV Ruined the Country

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Whether you love or hate what’s happening in America right now, these six television series might make you appreciate your current freedoms even more. Yahoo TV celebrates Independence Day with a look at the wildest “what if?” scenarios about the U-S-of-A, as seen on the small screen.

The writers behind these six shows explore how different the country would be with alternate endings to major historical events or beset by some unusual catastrophes.

Can you imagine what it would be like if the Axis powers had won World War II or if Britain defeated America in the Revolutionary War? And what does the future hold for us? What if there were a zombie apocalypse, or if humans coexisted with extraterrestrials? These are only a few of the ideas presented in series such as Sliders, Futurama, and The Walking Dead.

Watch above to see what other shows made the cut, and if your favorite series with an alternate America made our list.

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