American Football - Bullied Jonathan Martin traded to 49ers from Dolphins

Offensive lineman Jonathan Martin will get his chance to return to the NFL after the San Francisco 49ers acquired him from the Miami Dolphins for an undisclosed draft pick.

American Football - Martin happy to start with clean slate in San Francisco

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Jonathan Martin Miami Dolphins (AFP)

Martin played under 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh at Stanford before being chosen by the Dolphins in the 2012 draft.

He left the team last October after suffering emotional distress, which prompted a high profile NFL investigation that determined Martin was bullied and harassed by team-mates including fellow lineman Richie Incognito, who was suspended indefinitely by the team.

"Opportunities are few in the NFL," Martin wrote on his Twitter account. "Can't wait to get to work."

Incognito offered apologies to Martin, the team owner and the investigator in the wake of an NFL-ordered probe that detailed a bullying scandal in the Dolphins' clubhouse.

The 144-page report issued by investigator Ted Wells found a "pattern of harassment" by Incognito and fellow offensive linemen John Jerry and Mike Pouncey directed at Martin, another Miami lineman and an assistant trainer that involved racially charged taunts, insults and threats.

The scandal broke after offensive tackle Martin voluntarily left the club in October and said afterwards that he had been subjected to harassment, which Wells said included racial slurs and sexual taunts about his mother and sister.

Incognito was subsequently suspended by the team stemming from Martin's complaint.

"There are no winners in the courts," wrote Incognito, 30. "Just families left to deal with their decisions and pick up the pieces."

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