‘American Grit’ Sneak Peek: Toughing Out an Injury

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‘American Grit’ Sneak Peek: Toughing Out an Injury
‘American Grit’ Sneak Peek: Toughing Out an Injury

Even the biggest, baddest, toughest people can be taken down by a devastating injury.

And for the competitors on American Grit — well, the injury doesn’t have to be quite so devastating. But hey, they still have to grit it out in the event it happens!

This season of American Grit, which premieres Sundaytakes a bunch of — for lack of a better term — wimps who never had, or have lost, their grit. These aren’t the fierce competitors we rooted for in the first season. Nope, this time, WWE star John Cena and his team of drill sergeants, Marines, and Green Berets have to whip this crew into shape.

But as we see in this exclusive clip, what happens when Hannah suffers a fishing accident? Medics are urgently called in, and Hannah bites down on a wooden utensil as they tend to her.

It’s really touch-and-go there for… um, no time, because this “accident” wouldn’t even make a 10-year-old cry. Get some grit, Hannah!

American Grit airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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