Amy Robach Commemorates The 10th Anniversary Of Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis With Sweet Post

 Amy Robach on Good Morning America.
Amy Robach on Good Morning America.

Amy Robach has been in the news a lot over the past year, ever since her relationship with her fellow former GMA3 co-host T.J. Holmes went public and eventually led to their removal from ABC News. However, that wasn’t the first time Robach had been a part of life-changing news on the morning talk show. Ten years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing an on-air mammogram, and she recently acknowledged the milestone with a sweet post.

It was apparently Robin Roberts — another breast cancer survivor — who convinced an apprehensive Amy Robach to undergo the mammogram as part of Good Morning America’s breast cancer awareness initiative in October 2013. Weeks later she announced the test had come back positive, and she was beginning aggressive treatment. Now, 10 years later she had a message to all of those out there in a similar situation:

The throwback photo shows Amy Robach going through treatment, as she pumps her fist to show she’s ready to fight. She did beat the cancer, and now she’s sending strength to those who may be in the midst of their own battle.

Back in 2013, Amy Robach admitted on GMA that she’d been putting off getting a mammogram since turning 40. Following the on-air segment she was asked to return to the doctor’s office for more scans and tests, and then came the diagnosis. They say early detection is key, though, and it seems fortunate that Robach agreed to go through with the test, as uncomfortable as she might have been doing it. When she announced her diagnosis on Good Morning America, she closed the segment by saying:

Robin’s words still echo inside of me: ‘If I got the mammogram on-air and saved one life, then it’s all worth it,’ she had said. It never occurred to me that life would be mine.

Amy Robach had also made mention of her breast cancer battle earlier this year, when back in October, she posted a photo to Instagram that showed her in front of the New York skyline. She had a big smile on her face as she pointed to the Empire State Building that was lit up pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

This 10th anniversary of her diagnosis and start of treatment comes after a huge year filled with change for Amy Robach. She and T.J. Holmes were put on leave from GMA3: What You Need to Know after it was discovered they each had separated from their spouses and were in a romantic relationship. The “distraction,” as ABC News called it when Robach and Holmes were pulled from the broadcast, reportedly caused friction between the couple and many of their colleagues, including Robin Roberts who was allegedly “infuriated.”

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes ultimately parted ways with the network, and they appear to still be going strong nearly a year later. They each have now divorced their former spouses and even looked this summer like they were taking steps to move in together.

The former GMA3 anchor may not be on TV anymore (at least currently), but it’s great to see that she’s still using her platform to support others fighting cancer, as she celebrates her own milestone.