Andrew Sachs’ granddaughter speaks out on allegations against ex Russell Brand

The woman at the centre of Sachsgate scandal has said Russell Brand “needs to make amends” for any mistakes he may have made in an interview with Piers Morgan.

Andrew Sach’s granddaughter Georgina Baillie, a former girlfriend of Brand, also revealed the comic had paid for her drug rehab treatment years after he and Jonathan Ross left an offensive voicemail on her grandfather’s phone.

She told TalkTV’s Piers Morgan Uncensored on Monday evening she didn’t recognise the rape allegations made against Brand but hasn’t yet contacted him because she “wouldn’t know what to say”.

Georgina Baillie speaks to Piers Morgan about her experiences with Russell Brand (TalkTV)
Georgina Baillie speaks to Piers Morgan about her experiences with Russell Brand (TalkTV)

“From my own personal experience I do not see Russell as a rapist however a lot of the evidence is very compelling so one has to keep an open mind,” she said. “I want him to continue on his path of recovery and when we make mistakes we make amends that’s what we do.”

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“He was always very nice to me,” she continued. “It was always clear what the parameters were and that was mutually agreed upon and never did anything untoward happen - apart from that [the Sachsgate tapes].

“I was struggling with addiction for about 10- 15 years and I was finding it very hard to get clean and sober. So one of my mutual friends between me and Russell called him up and said, ‘Georgie needs some help’, and so he sent me to rehab.

“And so I was physically separated from my drug of choice and I got some therapy and I think that had a big part to play in my recovery journey.”

Russell Brand has denied the allegations against him (PA Wire)
Russell Brand has denied the allegations against him (PA Wire)

On the 2008 Sachsgate scandal, which resulted in the resignation of the then controller of Radio 2, she said: “I feel like he was a different person during those times.

“He was young and stupid and so was I... Slut shaming was totally fine back then so I was an easy target.”

Her comments came after the remaining shows on Brand’s Bipolarisation tour were postponed after police announced they were probing another alleged sexual assault in Soho, central London in 2003.

The 48-year-old has been accused of rape, assault and emotional abuse between 2006 and 2013, when he was at the height of his fame working for the BBC, Channel 4 and starring in Hollywood films. Brand has strongly denied the allegations, which also include claims of controlling, abusive and predatory behaviour.

The Met Police said in a statement on Monday they had received an allegation of sexual assault in 2003.

The force said: “On Sunday September 17, the Met received a report of a sexual assault which was alleged to have taken place in Soho in central London in 2003.

“Officers are in contact with the woman and will be providing her with support.

“We first spoke with The Sunday Times on Saturday September 16 and have since made further approaches to The Sunday Times and Channel 4 to ensure that anyone who believes they have been the victim of a sexual offence is aware of how to report this to the police.”

Brand has vehemently denied the “very serious criminal allegations” and said his relationships were “absolutely always consensual”.

Russell Brand’s representatives have been approached for further comment.