Andy Murray answers questions about his kids’ favourite player, Messi or Ronaldo, titles he wants to win

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Andy Murray on court Credit: Alamy
Andy Murray on court Credit: Alamy

Does Andy Murray still play PlayStation? Does he fancy appearing on a podcast dedicated to himself? What is his favourite song at the moment?

Former world No 1 Murray took part in a fan question and answer session on The ATP Tennis Radio Podcast during during his recent Madrid Open appearance and as per usual some of his answers were intriguing, funny and questionable.

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Who is your kids’ favourite tennis player, besides you of course?

AM: “My kids don’t know any tennis players. They don’t watch or follow at all, unfortunately, so I don’t have an answer to that, maybe my brother. Probably the only other one they know.”

Messi or Ronaldo?

AM: “Um, it’s a good question, I think after the World Cup, I’ve gotta go with Messi.”

If you are stuck on an island with someone from the Tour, who would you pick and why?

AM: “I need someone resourceful to get me off the island, but also I’d want someone to keep me entertained as well, so I’m gonna go with Gael Monfils. He’s a fun guy to be around, he’s always entertaining, so I’ll take him.”

What is your favourite Beatles song?

AM: “I’m gonna go with ‘Let It Be’, I really like that song.

Is there any title that you haven’t won that you would like to win before you retire?

AM: “There are a few. The Australian Open would probably be one of them. And the French Open. And on the Tour, Indian Wells. I’ve always loved the tournament and always enjoyed coming back, so yeah, on the ATP Tour it will probably be Indian Wells.”

Do you still play PlayStation and what games?

AM: “I haven’t played PlayStation for a good few years. So no, I don’t play any more, sorry. I think since I have had kids I just had no time, I couldn’t get away with spending 45 minutes on the PlayStation when the kids are around. You stop travelling with the PlayStation and yeah I haven’t played.”

What Scottish dish should I try?

AM: “I’m going to answer a different question. Which dish shouldn’t you try. It is a bit of a myth, but it is sold in our chip shop, it is fried Mars Bars. It’s horrendous.”

Do you think you would ever fancy come on a podcast dedicated to all to you?

AM: “I’m not anti it, I have just never done any podcasts before. I’m just not a huge… I just don’t listen to that many and I don’t enjoy chatting that much certainly about yourself. I wouldn’t say never. Let’s see.

What’s your favourite album right now?

AM: “I don’t have a favourite album. I don’t listen to many albums, I more listen to songs. One of the songs that I like and have been listening to a lot – I end up listening to a lot of kids’ music – is Shakira’s song and the lyrics are ‘I would try everything’, I can’t remember the exact lyrics, but it is a Shakira song, which I really like. ‘Try Anything’ that’s it.”

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