Andy Murray’s former coach explains why the Scot is reluctant to retire

Andy Murray disappointed Credit: Alamy
Andy Murray disappointed Credit: Alamy

Andy Murray has been questioned on why he is continuing his tennis career despite indifferent results, but his former coach has told Tennis365 that there could be one final moment of glory left in his career. 

Murray’s disappointing end to the 2022 season and a defeat in his opening match in Adelaide last week saw the Scot face fresh questions over when he will retire.

Yet his former coach and Eurosport analyst Alex Corretja has insisted that three-time Grand Slam champion Murray should continue playing for as long as he believes he can compete with the best.

Former world No 1 Murray currently sits just inside the top 50 of the ATP rankings, yet Corretja suggests those suggesting he needs to hang up his racket do not appreciate what he will be giving up.

“Andy achieved everything he wanted in his career and whatever comes now is a bonus,” began former French Open finalist Corretja, who will be working at the Australian Open as a Eurosport and discovery+ analyst

“I think he plays now because he loves the sport of tennis more than he ever thought about it before. That’s why he has kept on playing.

“He still feels there is something there to give. For himself, not for the people outside.

“From the outside, we just look at results, but there is something inside you that moves you more than just results.

“It is the pleasure of playing the sport that you love. To keep on sharing with your colleagues. Going to a stadium where there might be 10 or 15,000 people. When he retires, that will never happen again.

“It’s okay people saying he should retire. I say it is totally the opposite. Whatever you do in your life, the emotion you spent on that court, it’s never going to be the same again.

“I enjoy so much being a commentator, but I never had the same feeling from winning a Masters event or the Davis Cup.

“Andy will feel like he still had something and when he retires, he wants to say he gave everything he had.

“If he retires now, in one years time he will say maybe I had this in me. To win one more Queen’s (title). That would be amazing.

“That is why he is playing. Where is this last one drop to let him rest in peace as a sportsman.”

Murray was asked about his plans for the future after he beat Zhang Zhizen at the exhibition Kooyong Classic on Wednesday.

During the post-match press conference, Murray was asked about retirement and he replied: “A lot of things go into it [retirement] – first there is my family, the most important. Then there is my health.

“I’ve been healthy the last seven months. I’m not awakening with aches and pains like in the last few years.

“As long as the body holds up well and I’m training properly and performing to a level I’m enjoying, then I will keep going. But I don’t have a timeframe [for retirement].”

Murray is playing after undergoing hip surgery in 2019, but has defied medical experts who suggest that the procedure would end his tennis career.

At the age of 35, he continues to hold out hope that he can shine again at the top of the game.

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