Andy Murray LIVE: Stuttgart Open result and and final score from Alexander Bublik match today

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Andy Murray is through to the quarter-finals of the Stuttgart Open after a 6-3 7-6 win over Alexander Bublik. As the former World No 1 continued to step up his Wimbledon preparations, Murray built on his opening win over the Australian qualifier Christopher O’Connell by taking out the seventh seed Bublik. Murray looked strong on his serve throughout the first set, winning 15 of 17 first-serve points as he claimed the opener.

After Murray went a break up in the second, Bublik recovered from an erratic start to lead 5-2 and forced Murray to save set points, with two consecutive aces sealing the hold after a lengthy service game. From there, Murray immediately broke Bublik and forced the tiebreak, where he played some of his best tennis of the second set to edge the World No 44 7-5 in the decider.

“I felt I played well towards the finish,” Murray said afterwards. “I feel good, I moved well on the court and hopefully I can play better tennis towards the weekend.” Murray is likely to face the tournament’s top seed and World No 5 Stefanos Tsitsipas next, in what is set to be the pair’s first meeting since their five-set epic at the US Open last season.

Stuttgart Open: Murray vs Bublik latest updates

  • Murray to face winner of Tsitsipas vs Stricker in QFs

  • Murray saves two set points before winning second set on tiebreak

  • Murray wins opening set 6-3

  • Murray competing in Stuttgart as part of Wimbledon preparations

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 7-6 Bublik

14:42 , Jamie Braidwood

Ah, some reaction from Murray: “He [Bublik] is predictable in his unpredictability. I felt I played well towards the finish. I feel good, I moved well on the court and hopefully I can play better tennis towards the weekend.”

Tsitsipas could be next - for the first time since their fallout at last season’s US Open!

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 7-6 Bublik

14:40 , Jamie Braidwood

The live stream from Stuttgart cut out just as Murray won match point so I’m not sure if there was any on-court reaction from the World No 1.

But that was an excellent win, especially after finding himself facing set points at 2-5 down in the second set. Bublik was all over the place in the first set but had found his game by that point, forcing Murray to step it up again.

Murray’s first serve is shaping up to be his biggest weapon heading into Wimbledon and the combination of his forehand into the corners was working very nicely there. Murray’s movement around the court was looking pretty sharp, too!

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 7-6 Bublik - Game, set and match!

14:29 , Jamie Braidwood

“Let’s go,” says Murray as a backhand slice from Bublik goes long, before Murray produces an excellent backhand winner from the back of the court to move 2-1 up on serve in the tiebreak.

Bublik quickly wins the next two points on serve, the second an ace down the middle that Murray seemed frustrated he didn’t reach. 3-2 Bublik.

Bublik then had Murray scrambling back but the 35-year-old was able to return on the backhand as bublike nets. A big serve out wide from Murray is followed by a forehand to the corner. Still on serve at 4-3 Murray.

Bublik blinks! He pushes a forehand wide from the middle of the baseline. He follows that up with a forehand winner to get back to 5-5. But Murray has two points on serve to close this out.

Big hitting from both players but Murray changes it up with a backhand slice to the corner. Bublik gets wrapped up as he tries to run around it for a forehand but nets!

Match point Murray - and there’s the big serve out wide that has worked so well all match! Bublik can only get a racket to it and Murray wins 6-3 7-6!

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 6-6 Bublik

14:26 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray opens the angle on his backhand and then puts away the smash as Bublik stretched. Two big serves from Murray puts him in a commanding position as he gets to 40-0. Bublik drops a return on his second serve but Murray read it to steer a forehand into the corner.

Tiebreak time.

Stuttgart Open: *Murray 6-3, 5-6 Bublik

14:22 , Jamie Braidwood

Bublik produces a brilliant backhand pass after Murray followed up a sliced volley at the net. Two strong serves later from Bublik and he seals the hold with a smashed winner into the corner.

Murray will look to force the tiebreak.

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 5-5 Bublik*

14:19 , Jamie Braidwood

Two big serves from Murray out wide - the first followed up with a forehand winner into the corner - gets the 35-year-old to 30-15. Bublik responds with good depth on the backhand side, as Murray goes wide.

Murray then brings Bublik in with the drop shot but pushes the backhand pass long. Break point Bublik, but Murray wins the duel at the baseline as Bublik skews a backhand slice into the bottom of the next.

It happens again on the next point, as Bublik’s slice lets him down again following a long rally. Advantage Murray, and he gets back on level terms with a forehand winner off a first serve.

Stuttgart Open: *Murray 6-3, 4-5 Bublik - Murray breaks!

14:13 , Jamie Braidwood

Brilliant defence from Murray! Bublik sent him scrambling around the court but Murray showed great movement to return each question, before Bublik went wide on the forehand. At 0-30, Bublik’s struggles with double faults resurface.

Three break points now and as Murray hangs in on another point a further error from Bublik gets him the break to love! Murray survives in this second set!

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 3-5 Bublik*

14:10 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray starts, though, with two aces in a row but then finds the net after Bublik went for the drop shot. Murray then nets on smash but after Bublik goes wide with the forehand it gets him to game point. Bublik goes back to the drop shot, angled and close to the net, and Murray is unable to flick the return over.

Bublik, sensing the chance to finish this set now, reads the Murray smash but the Scot is able to pick up the passing shot and flick it over the net.

Bublik goes on the attack again though and despite spirited defence from Murray he is able to put away the volley to set up set point on the Murray serve.

Murray saves it as Bublik misfires on a second serve out wide before Murray fires an ace out wide on the opposite side.

Bublik, though, does not give up on the game as he jumps around a backhand and smacks a second-serve return past Murray for a clean winner.

Murray then nets, another set point now - but he hangs on with a smash at the net into the corner after pinning Bublik behind the baseline.

Bublik’s drop shot drifts into mid-court as Murray puts away the winner - but Murray still can’t get a hold as Bublik barrages him back with a strong of forehands.

But there it is - two consecutive aces from Murray seals the hold, at last, and Bublik will now need to serve this out.

Stuttgart Open: *Murray 6-3, 2-5 Bublik

13:58 , Jamie Braidwood

Bublik races to 40-0 before dropping in another double fault, and then another! However, he brushes it off with an ace out wide to consolidate the break.

Murray will have new balls as he tries to stay in this second set.

Murray’s first serve points won has dropped from 88 to 38 per cent in this second set.

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 2-4 Bublik* - Bublik breaks

13:55 , Jamie Braidwood

Bublik steps in to hit a forehand winner past Murray on the opening point of the Scot’s service game - it certainly looks as if Bublik has been revived over the past 10 minutes.

A backhand from Murray drifts long and now it’s 0-30, but after Bublik hangs a ball up high Murray thunders the forehand winner into the corner.

Bublik has found his range on those drop shots and pulls one off to perfection on the backhand side, with the backspin beating Murray to the double bounce.

Two break points - Murray saves the first with an inside out forehand winner down the line, and that’s excellent from Murray as he finds the line and then slams a smash past Bublik! “Come on!” he yells.

Deuce - but after Murray drops Bublik reaches the shot and returns a smash straight into Murray’s feet. And there’s the break - Murray can’t believe it. This match has taken a turn.

Stuttgart Open: *Murray 6-3, 2-3 Bublik

13:47 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray grumbles to himself at the back of the court as Bublik rapidly seals a hold to love. He’s still muttering to the umpire at the change of ends.

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 2-2 Bublik* - Bublik breaks back

13:45 , Jamie Braidwood

Bublik is a bit all over the place here as he gestures to his box in confusion after pushing a forehand volley wide. He shows some good defence on the next point, though, to return a Murray smash and win the point.

All of a sudden, Murray is the one throwing his racket to the grass in frustration as he leaves a backhand in the net. That’s much better, though, as Murray brings Bublik in with a drop shot before playing the passing winner into the opposite corner.

30-30, and Bublik attacks the Murray second serve, as he runs around a forehand and sends it into the corner. The ball took a weird bounce on the line that looked to confuse Murray.

Break point - and Bublik gets it with a brilliant forehand winner that clipped the line, after Murray had approached the net.

All square.

Stuttgart Open: *Murray 6-3, 2-1 Bublik - Murray breaks

13:38 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray gets an opportunity at 30-30 as Bublik pushes a backhand down the line wide, before a double fault brings up break point.

Bublik, bizarely, went for another underhand drop shot serve - but this time catches the net. His response it to fire a bullet of a second serve that Murray can only just return, as Bublik hits the winner.

Bublik can’t get away as he goes long with the backhand from mid-court, and another double fault again sets up a break point for Murray.

Remarkable, Bublik cracks with his third double fault of the game and Murray has the early break!

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3, 1-1 Bublik*

13:33 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray drops a forehand into the net after Bublik approached with a sliced volley, but Murray then outlasts his opponent and finishes with an excellent backhand deep into the corner. Murray takes on Bublik forehand for forehand and watches a reply drift long, before Bublik misfires again to set up 40-15. Another big serve from Murray seals the hold, as Bublik stretches in an attempt to get his racket on it.

Stuttgart Open: *Murray 6-3, 0-1 Bublik

13:30 , Jamie Braidwood

Bublik plays his shot of the match so far with a whipped forehand winner past Bublik to get to 30-0, before Bublik fires an ace. The hold is serve is quickly wrapped up with a first serve out wide that Murray puts into the net.

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3 Bublik*

13:28 , Jamie Braidwood

Some good stuff, there, from the three-time grand slam champion - particularly on the first serve. Murray won 15 of 17 points on his first serve in that set, and that was just on a 63 per cent first-serve percentage.

Stuttgart Open: Murray 6-3 Bublik* - Murray wins the opening set

13:26 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray edges ahead thanks to a first serve but then watches a backhand slice drift long. On 15-15, Murray stays patient and Bublik drops a poor forehand into the net before muttering to himself. Murray then comes into the net and Bublik can’t find a way past as he sticks another forehand into the net, about halfway up as well.

Two set points for Murray, and the first goes begging with a backhand that is steered wide of the lines.

But the first serve finds its mark and Bublik bounces his racket off the grass as he pushes the return wide!

Stuttgart Open: *Murray 5-3 Bublik

13:22 , Jamie Braidwood

Bublik does what is required and is helped by consecutive aces to get to 40-15. He then goes for the underhand drop shot to serve! It almost caught Murray out but he reaches it to flick the volley back, only for Bublik to send the backhand winner down the line.

Murray will serve for the opening set.

Stuttgart Open: Murray 5-2 Bublik

13:19 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray racks up the consecutive points with some big serving, an ace getting him to 30-0 and then an error from Bublik making it 40-0. Bublik then plays a poor backhand drop shot that limps into the net. That’s eight straight points, the break consolidated and Bublik will get new balls as he looks to serve to stay in the set .

Stuttgart Open: Murray 4-2 Bublik - Murray breaks

13:16 , Jamie Braidwood

A good start from Murray to return a first serve from Bublik on the backhand side and get into the point with depth to the baseline as Bublik nets. Bublik then goes long, as Murray gets to 0-30.

And that’s a winner form Murray! The ball from Bublik was short and into the middle of the court and Murray steps in to put a winner cross court on the forehand.

And there’s the break! Bublik makes his first double fault of the match and Murray edges ahead in this opening set.

Stuttgart Open: Murray 3-2 Bublik*

13:12 , Jamie Braidwood

Nice play from Murray to put away the volley at the net after bringing in Bublik with another drop shot - but his opponent comes out on top at the next net exchange as Murray nets on the forehand.

30-30, but Bublik goes long on the forehand before Murray comes up with a big serve out wide that Bublik can’t keep in play with the backhand block.

Stuttgart Open: *Murray 2-2 Bublik

13:08 , Jamie Braidwood

Bublik quickly starts with an unreturnable serve out wide before creating a nice angle and forcing Murray wide on his forehand side to get to 30-0. A backhand goes long from Bublik and Murray then reads his drop shot before stretching to make the volley at the net as he gets back to 30-30.

And that’s excellent from Murray! He brings Bublik in with a lovely backhand sliced drop shot before putting away the forehand winner. Break point - and Murray had a slight chance on the forehand but nets, as he hits his strings in frustration.

Murray can’t return the first serve from Bublik and he gets out of trouble with an ace out wide.

Stuttgart Open: Murray 2-1 Bublik*

13:02 , Jamie Braidwood

Some good defence and attack from Murray on this next game to get to 40-0, first responding to Bublik’s depth to hang in the point and force the error and then to back up a strong serve down the middle with a forehand out wide. The hold is sealed with an ace down the middle and Murray’s serve is working well so far.

Stuttgart Open: *Murray 1-1 Bublik

13:00 , Jamie Braidwood

Bublik finds some joy approaching the net as he rattles out a hold of serve. Murray was unable to find the forehand pass before Bublik converted a nice volley at the net to take the game .

Stuttgart Open: Murray 1-0 Bublik*

12:57 , Jamie Braidwood

A mixed opening service game from Murray who relied a lot on his first serve finding its mark to get to 40-15, but with a double fault thrown in. It takes until the fifth point for a rally to break out as Murray nets, but Murray improves on the next point to force Bublik behind the baseline. Bublik nets with a slice and Murray is on the board.

*denotes next serves

Stuttgart Open: Murray vs Bublik

12:52 , Jamie Braidwood

The players are now out on court and warming up. Bublik has yet to progress past the second round of a tournament this year, so Murray may fancy his chances.

Stefanos Tsitsipas, the tournament’s No 1 seed, could be up next if Murray is able to advance. The Scot will serve first to start this match.

Stuttgart Open: Murray vs Bublik

12:35 , Jamie Braidwood

Lorenzo Sonego has now polished off Jan-Lennard Struff 7-6 7-6 which means Murray’s match is definitely up next. I think the previous stoppage was to move Sonego’s match onto centre court following the conclusion of Otte’s win against Shapovalov.

Stuttgart Open: Murray vs Bublik

12:32 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray also reflected upon Rafael Nadal’s stunning victory at the French Open and compared their journeys over the past couple of years since returning from long injury lay-offs.

“[My motivation] comes from enjoying the sport, loving the sport,” said Murray. “My situation is a bit different to his [Nadal’s], with the operation that I had.

“I believe he is playing to try and break records and win the major events. Absolutely you have to love it and be willing to play through some pain as you become an older athlete, but I think it is easier to play through the pain when you are competing for major titles.

“For me the past four or five years have been very different to that, playing Challengers and my ranking dropped. I feel like our situations are different, but ultimately the reasons I am still playing are because I love the game, and because I still think I can compete right at the highest level.”

Stuttgart Open: Murray vs Bublik

12:25 , Jamie Braidwood

Speaking after his opening victory against O’Connell in Stuttgart, Murray said his decision to skip the French Open in order to concentrate on his grass-court preparations was paying off.

“In comparison to last year, I feel completely different,” Murray told the ATP. “Last year I was barely practising in the build-up to Queen’s, and when I was practising I was not moving [well]… I was not feeling good until about four days before Wimbledon, and then I actually felt fine. But my preparation was non-existent.

“This year I practised for three weeks on the grass, didn’t really have any physical issues that were stopping me in my preparation. I got a lot of matches last week, and hopefully some more in the next couple of weeks in the build-up to Wimbledon.”

Stuttgart Open: Murray vs Bublik

12:15 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray took plenty of inspriration from Rafael Nadal and Marin Cilic’s deep runs at the French Open last week as the Scot seeks a tournament run at a grand slam for himself after coming back from injury

“I don’t know whether it is Rafa’s last run or not because he seems to be doing physically really well during the event, so I hope he is able to continue going for a while, but there are a few of the guys,” Murray said ahead of last week’s semi-finals.

“Cilic as well, he is someone I grew up with in the juniors and played a lot with. He has just made the semis of the French for the first ever time at 33 years old and is playing really well. I can take some inspiration from those guys.”

Stuttgart Open: Murray vs Bublik

12:08 , Jamie Braidwood

Andy Murray began his campaign at the Boss Open in Stuttgart with victory over Australia's Christopher O'Connell.

The two-time Wimbledon champion lost in the semi-finals of the second-tier Challenger event in Surbiton last week and has headed to Germany to continue his grass-court season.

He lost the first three games to qualifier O'Connell but recovered strongly to claim a 6-4 6-3 victory and reach the second round.

Next up, Murray will take on seventh seed Alexander Bublik, who defeated American Denis Kudla, the Scot's conqueror in Surbiton.

Murray has won two of his three previous matches against Kazakh Bublik but lost their most recent clash in Indian Wells in March.

"I thought I played some good tennis at times," the 35-year-old reflected after his fourth win on grass this summer. "I didn't serve my best today and obviously got off to a slow start, but once I got the break back in the first set I played some pretty good points.

"It was quite solid from there but yes, I would like to serve a bit better."

Stuttgart Open: Murray vs Bublik

12:03 , Jamie Braidwood

The only other match currently taking place in Stuttgart, between Lorenzo Sonego and Jan-Lennard Struff, has been suspended - perhaps due to weather. That is likely to push Murray’s match back a little further.

Stuttgart Open: Murray vs Bublik

11:58 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray comes into today’s match with a 12-8 record for the year, with last week’s Surbiton Trophy helping to pad that statistic. Murray is up to 68th in the world and although it is his highest ranking since 2018, the 35-year-old will obviously be setting his sights much higher.

Stuttgart Open

11:54 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray’s match will get underway very shortly on centre court in Stuttgart, after the No 4 seed Denis Shapovalov was shocked by the German player Oscar Otte 7-6 7-6 in his opening match.

That’s not a great result for Shapovalov and comes after he was knocked out of the French Open in the opening round. It means Murray’s second-round tie against Bublik will get underway shortly.

Good afternoon

11:45 , Jamie Braidwood

Hello and welcome to live updates of Andy Murray’s match against Alexander Bublik at the Stuttgart Open. After skipping the French Open to concentrate on his Wimbledon preparations, Murray returned to action in reaching the Surbiton Trophy semi-finals last week but will be looking to step it up against the World No 44 Bublik in this second round match.

Murray dismissed the Australian qualifier Christopher O’Connell 6-4 6-3 in the first round to get off to a winning start in Stuttgart but is set to face more of a challenge against Bublik, who defeated Denis Kudla 7-6 7-5 in his first round match, the player who Murray lost to in the semi-finals of the Surbiton Trophy.