Ange Postecoglou: Tottenham will give Richarlison whatever help he needs

Ange Postecoglou: Tottenham will give Richarlison whatever help he needs

Ange Postecoglou has insisted the club will do all it can to support Richarlison, as the Tottenham boss explained why footballers should not consider themselves immune to mental health problems.

Richarlison announced while on Brazil duty this week that he would be seeking psychological help after enduring a “turbulent time off the pitch during these past five months”.

On the pitch, the striker is also suffering from poor form having scored just one Premier League goal in 31 games since joining Spurs last summer.

“All the players get whatever help and assistance they require here”, said Postecoglou. “It doesn’t always happen in the public eye because most of it is done in-house. But we provide all the support and whatever the players need. Sometimes they seek it, sometimes we offer help. Whatever Richy needs, we’ll help him get to the space he wants to.

“From our perspective, he’s put it out there because he was quite emotional after the game and that’s okay. And we’ll give him the support he needs. Sometimes we look at footballers and they do things well and we think they have all the money they need and that’s a perfect life. But that doesn’t make you immune from life itself, so I’m sure that every player in our dressing room is dealing with something.

“I think sometimes players fall into the trap of thinking their lives should be perfect because of the position they’re in, but that’s not how life works. There’s always going to be something in your life that is not where you need it to be. It’s about keeping perspective, keeping a balance.”

Addressing football’s relationship with mental health more widely, the Aussie said: “I don’t think anyone doesn’t understand it, but I just think we choose to ignore it. Who in their life doesn’t have something that is stressful?

“I have lived 58 years now and there has never been a time in my life where everything is perfect. I lost my father three years ago and he should have been here for the journey, so I have got to deal with it. That is me talking personally.

“[Richarlison] is a footballer, he has money — so what has he got to complain about? But, of course, he does. A footballer also has to understand that perfection doesn’t exist in life.”

Elsewhere, Postecoglou also gave a glowing review of Brennan Johnson’s first fortnight since signing for Tottenham from Nottingham Forest on deadline day for a fee of £47.5million.

“He’s got a good profile for us,” said the coach. “Very similar to the other guys we brought in — in that he’s young but has had some good experience already. The footballing qualities he brings fit really well with what we want to do. He’s got energy, he’s got pace, he presses really well, he’s a wide player but can score goals. From that perspective, he ticks all the boxes.

“When I look at his career, he’s been at Forest since he was a kid. That’s his football club but he’s taken the decision to go now and challenge himself.

“He’s had a couple of sessions with the boys. That group has been really good in embracing all the new players who have come in. I think he feels comfortable, and we’re looking forward to getting him into action.”