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Alan Tyers
Man, superman: Anthony Joshua's Instagram account gives an insight to the life of the boxer - Anthony Joshua/Instagram

He stands on the cusp of being Britain's greatest heavyweight in a generation, he's an Olympic hero, he's a brilliant ambassador for his sport, he is extremely handsome, he seems like a really nice guy, and his Instagram account is a source of constant delight. Soon, Anthony Joshua will fight Wladimir Klitschko in one of the most eagerly anticipated title fights of all time. Meantime, here are just some of AJ's Instagram highlights...


AJ takes a break after another hard sesh.

Workin' up a sweat

AJ's laundry bills run into the thousands.

Training with an altitude mask

Or possibly auditioning for a Zorro remake.

Rocky training montage

Only with much cooler music.

Cafe culture

Relaxing with a cuppa.

Trousers of the future

Anthony really enjoying some techno strides.

Circle of Truth

AJ putting in the work.

Taking it to the house in NYC

AJ in New York to promote the fight. Left to right: impresario Danny Dyer, AJ, Ivan Drago, your host Billy Crystal.

Jumping rope like a boss/very small girl

AJ proving the wisdom of Eddie Izzard's observation: "Huge boxers and very small girls are the only two social groups in the world who do skipping."

Dumbells roughly the size of a small car


Sweet as

AJ treats himself to apple pie and ice cream.

Getting in decent shape

AJ here beginning a long session of... snapping squash rackets? It's not really clear.

Chilling with The Rock

Chicken salads all round. 

Hitting The Wall

AJ pictured discovering how much tickets are marked up on Stub Hub. 

Route: Canal

Getting the miles in. 

Writing on the Wall

AJ is an inspiration.

Man of Faith

AJ prays.

Pool party for one

AJ gets some peace and quiet.


Tying a bowtie: about as hard as facing Wlad.

Lift off

Anthony lifts all of the weights.

The opponent

And it is all building up to this moment of truth.


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