'McTominay is just a modern-day Robbie Savage' - Man Utd squad in need of 10 additions, says Parker

Scott McTominay is no more than a “modern-day Robbie Savage” that “runs around trying to kick people”, says Paul Parker, with the Scot considered to be part of the problem for a Manchester United squad that is 10 players short of where it needs to be.

Many consider the Scotland international to now be an integral part of the senior fold at Old Trafford.

The 23-year-old has stepped out of a famed academy system to become a key figure for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, with a new long-term contract handed to him in January 2019.

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Parker, though, claims that the midfielder offers little of note to the collective cause and currently finds himself stuck on the sidelines through injury as a result of becoming an enforcer whose only use is to break up play.

The former United defender told Eurosport: “Scott McTominay is a good example of the problem. He just runs around trying to kick people, thumping the badge. He’s like a modern-day Robbie Savage. You need more than that.

“If people are saying United are missing McTominay, they’re not really Man United fans. The reason he’s out injured is because he tried to kick someone and hurt himself. If that’s what people think United are, then they weren’t around for the good times.”

Parker added: “Every time Solskjaer looks at what his midfield’s going to be – well, let's just say I’m just surprised he’s not gone bald already because it must paralyse his brain that there is no midfield at all at United.

“Whatever he puts out there, there’s absolutely no guarantee it’s going to work. If you’re playing up font, you know that you’re not going to get the ball. If you’re in defence, you know that the ball’s going to come straight back. The midfield is the problem at United. They have absolutely no middle ground.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Manchester United 2019-20
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Manchester United 2019-20

One man who took exception to Parker's take, however, was Savage himself. 

The former United trainee took to Twitter to defend McTominay, who in his opinion is one of United's "best players" at the current time. 

"Nonsense, I wasn't good enough for United," Savage fired. 

"He's proven he can get into team, hold his place down, be one of United's best players this season and missed when injured!"

Parker has also suggested that Solskjaer could do with another experienced head alongside him in the dugout, with questions once again being asked of his suitability to one of the most demanding managerial roles in world football.

The ex-England international said: “I’d even look at Solskjaer and ask if he’s got the right people sitting with him on the bench. Does he need someone next to him who has been a manager themselves to sit with him and help him? I would say that maybe he does.

“It doesn’t have to be big names that come through the door in January to fix it. Apart from anything else, how many big-name players want to come to Manchester United at the present moment? I don't believe that's the answer.

“We can talk tactics all day long, but tactics only work if you’ve got players who can understand and execute them, and United don’t have good enough players to do that.

“We can question Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, we can look at his CV. But there’s a bigger problem here. If you’re going to change the manager, then the next one that comes in has got to be able to go out and buy six very good players and four world-class players, because what’s there right now just isn’t good enough.”

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