Roberto Carlos Reflects on THAT Free-Kick 20 Years Later & Admits 'I Have No Clue How I Scored It'

Saul Nozari

​Brazil Legend Roberto Carlos has admitted that he still has no idea how he scored his amazing free-kick against France in 1997.

It is 20 years since Carlos' astonishing, swerving free-kick stunned the world of football, and 20 years on, the free-kick still beggars belief.

As seen in the video above, Carlos' free-kick looked to be heading extremely wide once he hit the ball around the France wall. However, somehow, the ball managed to swerve back towards goal and past the baffled keeper Fabien Barthez.

Carlos has revealed he still doesn't understand how the ball could move in such a way (via The Sun): 

" I have no clue how I scored it.  I used to practise my free-kicks a lot. I would stay behind in training and hit them and, on this particular occasion, it came off well for me.

" I just hit it and it went in."


Carlos has insisted that his strike can be bettered one day, despite football seeing nothing close to his goal in the 20 years since: " I believe, in the modern game, there will be more goals like it. More players will be able to bend the ball like that now and you will see it again.

“I think there are a lot of quality free-kick takers in the game today, who are capable of doing the same thing now.

“In the modern game, players need to train harder than they did in my day.


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