'Systems and administrative error' behind Brighton chaos as four runners are taken out

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There was drama at Brighton on Friday when only two of the six declared runners in the sixth race on the card were permitted to take part.

The race conditions for the one-mile Follow @attheraces On Twitter Handicap stated it was for horses "for four yrs old and upwards, rated 46-65 which have not won more than two races".

However, Kondratiev Wave, Rivas Rob Roy, Spirit Warning, Vitesse Du Son had all won more than two and were scratched less than an hour before the race was due off at 4.30pm, following what the British Horseracing Authority said in a statement was a "systems and administrative error".

Shaun Parker, the BHA's head of stewarding, told Sky Sports Racing: "Once the meeting started concerns were raised that in the sixth race certain runners were not eligible to run due to the conditions of the race.

"We then held discussions with representatives from Weatherbys, the BHA racing department as well as ARC (Arena Racing Company, owners of Brighton) and followed up with an inquiry with the trainers.

"When we ascertained having gone through all the documents that these horses weren't eligible to race, we only have one option but to take them out at that stage.

"In terms of the conditions, there were two that qualified correctly so it was only fair to them to take the others out.

"I think what has happened, looking at the discussions we've had with representatives from Weatherbys, there has obviously been a glitch somewhere along the line, it is not the way we like to see a race taken apart but I'm sure there will be investigations under way and we will forward our findings to the BHA.

"We looked at everything to see if there was something we could do, but unfortunately there was not. It's very strange and Weatherbys say it's the first time they can recall something like this happening."

Tony Carroll, trainer of Kondratiev Wave, said: "Everybody is very disappointed as it seems to have slipped through the system without anybody noticing.

"I'd have to go back and see what was printed in the Racing Calendar, but mine and a couple of the others could have run in other races. They generally come up as not qualified so I don't know how it has slipped through but it has so there's four or five very unhappy people.

"I'm sure we'll be compensated but there's a bit of sadness about the whole thing, I've not seen it before. There's four of us that have not got it right, which is unusual."

In a statement Brighton racecourse said: "Following the stewards' inquiry regarding the declarations for race six this afternoon, Brighton Racecourse will make a goodwill payment to the owner and jockey of each of the four horses affected.

"They entered the race in good faith, and will have expected to run. As such, we can only apologise for the inconvenience that they have experienced.

"We will, of course, be in touch with colleagues at the BHA and Weatherbys to get to the bottom of the issue."

In the race itself 3-1 chance Roscioli beat the 1-4 favourite Girl Inthe Picture.

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