Argylle's Matthew Vaughn Makes The Best Case Yet For Henry Cavill's Bond Casting, But I Think It’s Both A Blessing And A Curse

 Henry Cavill holding a man down by his arm while speaking in Argylle.
Henry Cavill holding a man down by his arm while speaking in Argylle.

Getting the endorsement to become the new face of the James Bond movies feels like something anyone would love to have on their side. Actor Henry Cavill in particular seems like a good candidate, as the oft-suggested 007 candidate still seems ready and willing to slip into the tuxedo. While director Matthew Vaughn has given his Argylle star a hell of a recommendation, I think the caveats specified are both a blessing and a curse.

Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in Apple TV+ movie Argylle
Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in Apple TV+ movie Argylle

How Matthew Vaughn Feels About Henry Cavill’s Potential James Bond Casting

During ReelBlend’s Matthew Vaughn interview, the filmmaker showed the world yet again how excited he is about his Stardust collaborator’s chances to become Ian Fleming’s well beloved spy. Ever protective of those odds, as seen in another recent interview where Vaughn revealed why Daniel Craig got the role in Casino Royale, the man’s time in the chair with CinemaBlend’s in-house podcast yielded some further insight into his exact feelings.

But as you’ll read below, there’s a very specific type of James Bond fan that will be pleased with what Matthew Vaughn had to say:

I think if you're an Ian Fleming fan, there is no one better on this planet to play James Bond than Henry Cavill. Still do, if you're an Ian Fleming fan. If you read the book, he is James Bond. In every...he's just perfect for it, full stop.

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? As someone who’s followed the franchise for a good portion of their life, both as a fan and professional, Henry Cavill being the “perfect” James Bond for Ian Fleming fans seems like pretty good news. So let’s talk about why that sort of feedback is a blessing, especially in a post-Argylle world.

Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo in The Man From UNCLE
Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo in The Man From UNCLE

The Blessing Of Henry Cavill’s Potential James Bond Casting

Again, having someone weighing in on Henry Cavill’s behalf almost always means a huge sign of confidence. He seemed to have some pretty strong supporters during his audition phase for Casino Royale as well, as Cavill revealed his runner-up status in the past.

Having Matthew Vaughn continue to talk up the man who is Agent Aubrey Argylle is not only good friendship, but it shows he has a keen eye for the character. That case for Henry Cavill’s James Bond only grows when you consider Argylle as an unofficial second audition for the part.

Showing off his skills with everything from dancing the Whirlybird with Dua Lipa to fighting enemy agents on a train, the charm and physicality needed to be Ian Fleming’s Commander Bond is all there. But that also offers some downsides, which don't include Matthew Vaughn's supposed lack of favor with James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson.

Henry Cavill making a wild face in The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare.
Henry Cavill making a wild face in The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

How Henry Cavill’s Ian Fleming Faithful 007 Could Be A Curse

Look back at how Matthew Vaughn described Henry Cavill as being the perfect James Bond. The huge condition that everyone should be focusing on is “if you’re an Ian Fleming fan.” Meaning that if you’re a fan of the 14 original books written by 007’s creator, Cavill’s your man. To me, that spells potential danger for two important reasons.

First, and most importantly, the content of those novels has come under fire in recent years. So much so that not only have those books been subjected to revisions friendlier to the modern reader, but it eventually led to the Ian Fleming Estate’s response to the fans weighing in on those changes.

Fleming’s Bond is a hardened killer, hewing closer to Sean Connery and Daniel Craig’s James Bond interpretations. Which, again, works if you either send Henry back to the '60s and cast him then, or potentially bump the rating up to an R and make the film as a period piece.

Which leads to the second problem with Henry Cavill being so closely mapped to Ian Fleming and his texts: that might not be what the world wants right now. The divisive fan reaction to No Time To Die is all you need to point out that the pendulum may be shifting closer towards Roger Moore’s 007. So an era of high color, and high camp, could be what the doctor ordered.

It all circles back to Henry as Agent Argylle, a character who definitely feels like he's got the Moore twinkle in his eye. And for all of his support of Ian Fleming's James Bond, so does Matthew Vaughn, as seen not only in his movies, but also in his full interview with ReelBlend, which you can watch below:

No matter how you shake or stir it, Henry Cavill’s proximity to the Ian Fleming playbook for James Bond is both good and bad for his chances. As 007 producer Barbara Broccoli has promised “reinvention” as being on the drawing board, the choice of either going harder or distancing the character from his pulpy source material makes all the difference.

Thankfully, Henry Cavill has shown that he’s good at playing either side of that coin, and he knows how to keep busy while those decisions are being made. Part of that busy nature is reflected in the fact that Argylle is currently in theaters. Though if you’ve been following the schedule of 2024 movies, you’d also know that it won’t be long before Henry Cavill returns to theaters, as The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare is set to open on April 19th.